Fast and accurate automation system seals the deal

STOBER produces new solution for machine manufacturer aimed at automotive industry

Commissioned by Demero Automation Systems, the new system uses STOBER motion controls, drive controllers and synchronous servo motors. This enables the machine to recognise different component shapes and respond to the various curve profiles. It has empowered the end user to increase production capacity by up to 30%.

Until the development of the STOBER system, the manufacturer previously applied sealant between the filter medium and frame using manually operated guns. As well as being slow, product quality was inconsistent, it confirms.

Together, STOBER and Demero developed a CNC solution that featured three axes in a gantry design, with a working space of X = 500, Y = 500 and Z = 200mm, a positioning accuracy of ± 0.01mm and maximum linear velocity of 250mm per second. The head of this machine can be adjusted according to customer requirements — to attach a suction device or gripper, for example.  

Mechanically connected

STOBER components used include type EZ synchronous servo motors that are mechanically connected directly to the ballscrew of the linear axis. The high resolution of the motor encoder, as well as fast process data transmission over EtherCAT, ensures a high positioning and repeat accuracy, it is reported.

For simple, quick installation, a HIPERFACE DSL absolute encoder is integrated into the motor, which STOBER offers with a One Cable Solution (OCS), regarded as essential in a machine where space is particularly limited.

Daniel Lohse, director of business development EMEA at STOBER, comments: "We combined the motor with the drive controller from our SI6 series, a highly dynamic solution that also works reliably for challenging movements, running unnoticed in the background. STO (Safe Torque Off) and SS1 (Safe Stop 1) functions are integrated. In the SI6 series, these are certified in accordance with EN 13849-1 and can be used without function tests that interrupt production.”

Installing individual components is said to be straightforward, “as STOBER’s patented Quick DC-Link modules are simply clicked into the standard copper rails for power distribution and enable the simple installation and connection of the drive controllers”.

Central calculations

Darious Nosiadek, managing director of DEMERO, explains further: "All calculations for path planning and interpolation of the three axes take place centrally and allow the curve shape to be adapted flexibly to the shapes of the filter parts."

Using a 15-inch touch panel, the user can operate the machine directly and use the displayed information. It also includes a language selection as well as user management, the latter ensuring that employees can customise the machine using settings and adjustment options.

STOBER’s AS6 AutomationControlSuite includes all the functions contained in CODESYS V3 for motion control. High-performance Drive & Motion libraries are available for creating programs, which allowed the application to be implemented with a significantly reduced programming effort.

Precise in design and operation

On the new machine, a cartridge reservoir is used to carry the sealant, and a single cartridge holds enough for approximately 100 filters. The quantity of sealant is regulated by compressed air and the delivery depends on the speed of application and the distance of the surface to which sealant is being applied, as the machine recognises the two different shapes of the filter parts automatically. Accordingly, the controller switches back and forth automatically.

This new three-axis CNC system is now used at Sanden Manufacturing Poland around the clock, seven days a week, its introduction making it possible for the plant to increase its filter production by up to 30%. Additionally, as STOBER supplied everything from a single source, operational and maintenance contact between the customer and manufacturer is streamlined for cost-effective, reliable operation.




The EZ motor with One Cable Solution and cable carrier.
The EZ motor with One Cable Solution and cable carrier.
The mechanical coupling of the EZ motor to the spindle axis.
The mechanical coupling of the EZ motor to the spindle axis.

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