Fastener-installation system is upgraded and expanded

The newly engineered Pemserter Series 2009 automatic fastener-installation press system incorporates upgraded operating features and expansion capabilities to promote streamlined job productivity and quality.

Available from Zygology, the press is suitable for installing all types of self-clinching fasteners rapidly, reliably and permanently in thin-metal sheets.

Among the new features, the job search and recall mode allows operators to reference 300 stored jobs and return to previous jobs quickly and easily. In addition, an upgraded PLC with increased memory readily accommodates custom programs. A redesigned cast aluminium bowl with epoxy coating handles larger parts and performs quietly, while a wide feeder track increases fastener-feeding rates.

The robust shuttle support design improves small-fastener feeding, and a larger touch-screen and improved graphics contribute to operator-friendly operation.

This 'next generation' of fastener-installation presses further comes equipped for potential expansion. The press is Ethernet-enabled and expandable to interface with data collection systems, production management systems and off-site troubleshooting systems.

The Series 2000 press system features a 24inch/61cm throat depth and performs at cycle rates up to 2750 strokes/hour while delivering a ram force of 400-16,000 lbs (2.7-71.2kN). The press is CE certified to comply with applicable European standards.

The Bulletin Pemserter PS can be downloaded free in PDF format from the PEM website

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