Faster assembly of machines

The speedier assembly of machines is a useful asset to all manufacturers, and FATH Components is a leading supplier of products for this purpose. The company offers a variety of solutions, as UK Managing Director David Hayes explains

What are the primary assembly-related products offered by FATH?

DH: The main groupings are profile connectors, cable fixing solutions, alu connection angles, friction joints, roller tracks, castors, frame connectors and combi hinges. In total we offer around 23,000 different product lines, and part of the skill we offer customers is the knowledge to get straight to the elements that they need for a given application. That’s why we always prefer to speak rather than simply swap emails when discussing projects and applications – it is surprising what emerges and can save our customers time and money.

Are FATH frame connectors, connection angles and hinges suitable for use with any brand of aluminium profile? 

DH: Yes they are. Industry standard aluminium sections are manufactured by a number of quality suppliers and our products are compatible with all of them. As new innovations in these sections emerge we are also developing compatible products for them in tandem. 

What is the score with industry 4.0 at FATH? 

DH: We have a range of Plug-and-Play solutions that allow OEMs to be more efficient and reduce parts count, too much to detail here

We hear that FATH also has a C-Part management programme?

DH: That is true. FATH CPM is an intelligent system keeping a substantial number of parts for instant call-out. It logs everything and generates a variety of reports that can be shared with all interested parties and is designed to allow users to refine their manufacturing activity to new level whilst reducing costs. 

FATH has its HQ in Germany, what is the current state of play regarding cross-channel deliveries?

DH: Like many businesses with parents located on the European mainland, we took pre-emptive steps to ensure that UK stock levels were sufficient in advance of January 1st this year. A key element of our business plan has always been to have the majority of products available ex-stock from Aldershot anyway: all we did was supercharge deliveries in the second half of 2020. We don’t see it as investing in stock – we’re investing in our customers by guaranteeing normal service. 

Speedier assembly is now possible
Speedier assembly is now possible

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