Fibox and Rapid Electronics: a winning combination

In a fast evolving, electrical and electronic market, where manufacturers and suppliers come and go, customers need to be able to depend on partners that consistently meet the challenges posed by the demands of new technology. One such company is Fibox. Its innovative enclosures have been leading the field for over 50 years, due to a combination of factors. With decades of expertise in product development, Fibox set industry benchmarks in housing critical technical components sited in harsh environments. They continue to invest in their production infrastructure to keep pace with the ever-increasing demand for fast, reliable and cost-effective electrical enclosures, components and systems.

That is why Rapid Electronics, one of the UK's leading broad line distributors of electronic components, has chosen to expand their range of Fibox enclosures to ensure their customers have a wider choice of quality enclosures that are sufficient for their increased needs.

As new applications are discovered, and the demand for more innovative electrical control and system monitoring devices grow, the need to adequately house and protect those innovative components will only increase.

However, despite production growth, only a few enclosure manufacturers can demonstrate their leadership by providing new enclosure options equipped with the cutting-edge ideas that enhance their customers' products.

Janice Ratcliffe of Rapid says: "I am delighted to add Fibox to Rapid's extensive range of industrial enclosures. Fibox's general purpose and DIN rail enclosures offer customers a huge range of options - materials, sizes, mounting - and we look forward to working closely with Fibox in the future."

Rapid Electronics have stocked and sold Fibox's Tempo range for several years, but as demand has grown, they have recently added both Cardmaster & MNX ranges into stock, and now with the added benefits that the ARCA range offers, the company has seen demand increase exponentially.

Fibox also offer customisation options that fulfil customers' most complex requirements. They do this by combining the right people, with the right enclosure, and by applying advanced technology and processes, they provide a service that allows OEMs to create new products that are fully integrated within efficient, flexible and cost-effective enclosures.

Steve Gallon, Fibox Managing Director says: "We are delighted that such a well established company such as Rapid Electronics has recognised the added benefits that the ARCA range offers their customers, and will go a long way in answering their increasing demand for a rugged selection of enclosure products designed specifically for use in harsh environmental conditions, which are prevalent across a broad range of market segments."

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