Flexible feed-throughs for M12 and M12 Power

binder out to ensure all the right connections

M12 and M12 Power control cabinet feed-throughs from binder are said to ensure a robust and secure connection between the modules in the cabinet and automation components in the field. The combination of plug or socket, as well as coding on each connection side, allows for a variety of configurations, even in complex automation installations.

binder, a leading manufacturer of industrial circular connectors, has announced new control cabinet feed-through connectors for the M12 product series 713, 813, 814, 823 and 824, available with different codings and pin counts. 

The M12 or M12 Power type components – in accordance with the DIN EN 61076-2-111 standard – allow signal, data and supply cables to be connected using circular connectors of the same type from the respective series. They are equipped with an M12 locking thread and an M16 mounting thread.

Rugged, space-saving, reliable

The increasing degree of automation of industrial plants, driven by the trend towards digitalization and integration in the context of Industry 4.0, is generating a growing need for powerful yet space-saving and robust connection solutions for signals, data, and electrical power. M12 connectivity offers efficient, reliable, and cost-effective cabling of fieldbuses, sensors, and actuators in the field l of automation technology. Using these standardized, robust connectors, complex installation concepts can be implemented in industrial environments – eg, in smart factories – starting from the control cabinet and covering the entire shop floor. The compact design supports applications in confined spaces.

Indispensable components

In order to ensure the reliable flow of signals, data and electrical power between the control, communication and power modules within the control cabinet as well as the automation components in the field, M12 and M12 Power feed-throughs are indispensable components. The new binder products are available with A, S, K, L as well as T coding and, depending on the coding, with 4 to 8 pins. 

In addition, various coding positions can be realized. The coding on each connection side – together with the possibility of freely combining plugs and sockets – ensures the greatest possible degree of freedom during installation.

Mechanical lifespan

The technical data of the feed-through connectors, such as protection degree, rated voltage and current, contact resistance, and others, vary from series to series according to the specifications of the respective binder M12 and M12 Power circular connectors. In general, this means that the products meet the requirements of protection degree IP67 and achieve a mechanical lifespan of >100 mating cycles (excluding 713 series). They are designed for operating temperatures between -40 °C and +85 °C (814 series: -25 °C to +85 °C). 

In detail, the following specifications apply to the control cabinet feed-throughs: In the case of 3-pin to 8-pin A-coding (713 series), the rated current and voltage depend on the wire cross-section of the corresponding connector and are 2 A at 30 V (8-pin, up to 0.5 mm2, AWG 20) and 4 A at 60/250 V (5-/3-pin, 4-pin up to 0.75 mm2, AWG 18), respectively. The rated impulse voltage is 800 V and 1500/2500 V, respectively. The mechanical lifespan is specified as >100 mating cycles (8-pin, up to 0.5 mm2, AWG 20) or >50 mating cycles (5-pin, 4-pin and 3-pin, up to 0.75 mm2, AWG 18).

Rated impulse voltage

The control cabinet feed-throughs of the 4-pin T-coded 813 series are specified for a rated current of 12 A at 63 V(DC). The rated impulse voltage here reaches 6000 V. For the S-coded 814 series, the rated current, voltage and impulse voltage are specified as 16 A (pin count 2+PE, PE – Protective Earth) and 12 A (3+PE) as well as 630 V and 6000 V, respectively. 

The 823 series with L-coding – pin count 4+FE (Functional Earth) – is specified for 16 A at 63 V(DC), for 1500 V rated impulse voltage, as well as with ≤5 mΩ. The corresponding circular connectors of this series have been designed for wire gauges/cross-sections of 1.5 mm2 (AWG 16) with ferrule or for 2.5 mm2 (AWG 14) without ferrule.

The feed-throughs of the K-coded 824 series are available with 3+PE pins. They are rated 12 A at 630 V and withstand impulse voltages of up to 6000 V.

Essential in automation technology: M12 and M12 Power control cabinet feed-throughs.
Essential in automation technology: M12 and M12 Power control cabinet feed-throughs.

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