Free measurement, control and automation handbook

Omega has published a UK edition of its Complete measurement, control and automation handbook and encyclopedia containing over 1000 pages, 300 of which make up the Technical reference section.

Easy to find your way around, the hardbound book contains sections covering automation, temperature, pressure, flow, data acquisition and heaters. Omega Engineering describes itself as your single source for process measurement and control; product ranges therefore include everything from PLCs and PACs (programmable automation controllers), to load cells, wireless sensors and transmitters, inductive proximity switches, stacking beacons, stepper motors, circuit breakers, pneumatic slides and grippers, DIN rail connectors, wire, flexible heaters and RS-232 to USB adaptors.

To request your FREE copy of the Complete measurement, control and automation handbook and encyclopedia, call (in the UK) 0800 488 488, email or go to the Omega website.

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