Free O-Ring and Groove Dimension Look-up Wizard

Precision Polymer Engineering (PPE) has an O-Ring and Groove Dimension Look-up Wizard that is free to use via the company's website. The size of an O-ring and the dimensions of the corresponding O-ring groove are vital for achieving an effective seal against gases or liquids. Even a small error in the dimensions of either can lead to potential problems during installation and when the O-ring is in service.

Precision is a key aspect in generating high seal efficiency so the optimum dimensions for the O-ring and groove need to be established. Designing an O-ring application requires the engineer to know the component dimensions and have an understanding of all relevant operating parameters. Specifying the correct O-ring and groove sizes minimises costs through the avoidance of rework and the expenses incurred through replacement materials and machining - not to mention any consequences associated with in-service failures.

The O-Ring and Groove Dimension Look-up Wizard from Precision Polymer Engineering is an online tool that recommends dimensions for AS, BS and ISO standard sizes of O-rings. The utility is highly accurate, incorporating a great deal of sealing expertise. Each calculation takes into account the complexities of seal expansion, groove fill and compression. Results provide complete measurements, as well as design parameter recommendations and information about the correct installation of the O-ring.

Registration to use the O-ring calculator is straightforward and can be completed in just a few minutes. The Wizard can then be reused whenever necessary to provide reliable results for any size O-ring seal.

How it works

First the users selects the type of O-ring groove; categories include face, piston, rod or trapped seals. If the size of the O-ring has already been identified, then a list of suitable BS, AS and standard O-ring sizes is then displayed. If the user is unaware of the size of the O-ring, the nominal bore/rod diameter can instead be input in millimetres or inches. A list of suitable BS, AS and ISO standard O-ring sizes is then presented so the user can select one on the basis of which size best meets the application requirements in terms of O-ring cross-section.

In the final step the user is presented with the results page, which may be filed as a PDF or printed so that calculations can be reviewed later. At this stage, the O-ring Groove Dimension Calculator displays a table of results containing exact dimensions such as the cross section, radial depth, minimum squeeze and lead-in chamfer. A detailed diagram of the O-ring is also included, with clear instructions on how to assemble the components and generate the most durable and dependable seal.

Follow the link now to try the O-Ring and Groove Dimension Look-up Wizard from Precision Polymer Engineering.

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