Hamamatsu OEM 2.8 MPixel scientific CMOS board level camera

Hamamatsu is introducing the C11440-50B board level camera for OEM scientific and industrial customers. It is described as having a unique scientific CMOS sensor, and is designed to deliver high performance and cost-effective imaging in a small, board-level format.

This scientific CMOS camera for OEM customers is suitable for a wide variety of scientific and industrial applications including semiconductor inspection, failure analysis, X-ray scintillator readout, fluorescence microscopy and high-speed / high-resolution imaging.

The C11440-50B delivers 45 frames / sec at the full resolution of 1920 × 1440 pixels (3.63 × 3.63 micron) and a wide dynamic range of 4500:1. These features allow the capture of high-quality images at fast speeds, even in low light conditions.

Customers who wish to investigate low-intensity samples or fast moving targets can now achieve results which have not been possible with traditional machine vision or CMOS cameras.

IEEE1394-b interface (FireWire b) offers a low-cost communication and power interface, while the camera's various external trigger options allow seamless integration with the OEM customer's equipment.

For further information about the C11440-50B board level camera, email info@hamamatsu.co.uk or visit the website at www.hamamatsu.com.

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