Heavy-duty Bowmet plain bearings out-perform alternatives

Bowman International is launching the Bowmet range of rolled bearings* that are manufactured from ToughMet, a spinodal bronze material supplied by Materion. ToughMet is said to have outstanding bearing properties, resulting in much improved capabilities such as loading, heat resistance, speed and corrosion resistance, as well as greatly increased life. According to Bowman International, Bowmet bearings are the biggest advance in plain bearings in over 70 years.

Due to the load and wear characteristics, and higher PV value, Bowmet heavy-duty plain bearings are excellent for applications in mining equipment, heavy construction equipment, off road vehicles, quarrying equipment, aircraft landing gear, oil and gas drilling equipment, heavy military vehicles, materials handling equipment, heavy-duty production machinery, racing engines, steel mill rolls, injection moulding machines, scissor lifts and marine equipment. Bearings manufactured from ToughMet, when used in these applications, have exhibited greatly increased life, combated corrosion, and have carried higher loads and enabled higher speeds to be used than existing bearings, resulting in fewer warranty claims, longer maintenance cycles, better reliability, reduced down time and lower maintenance costs.

Bowmet bearings can be plain or flanged and, if required, lubrication grooves, holes and pockets can be provided. Location slots or tabs can also be incorporated. Half shells, thrust washers and wear strips are also offered. Non-standard sizes and special shaped washers and plates can be produced to order. Because of the manufacturing process, tooling costs are low, so both large and small batches are economical - and there is no minimum order quantity.

Follow the link for more information about Bowmet rolled bearings and to download a technical brochure.

* BowMet is a registered trademark of Bowman International Ltd. Genuine Bowmet bearings are available only from Bowman International Ltd or its authorised distributors.

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