High-sensitivity X-Ray TDI camera for inspection applications

Hamamatsu Photonics is introducing the C10650 X-ray TDI CCD sensor, a device for low-level X-ray detection. Compared with conventional line sensors, such as the Hamamatsu C9750 series, which are based on CMOS technology, the TDI CCD provides high sensitivity, high resolution (sub 50 micron pixel size) and high dynamic range. The TDI-CCD allows very high-speed imaging compared with conventional X-ray CCD cameras and up to 2280 lines can be readout per second. This allows the C10650 to be used in industrial applications requiring higher speed and / or higher image quality.

The C10650 incorporates a fibre-optic to shield the CCD from incident X-rays and the CsI scintillator is optimised for 20kVp to 80kVp operation. The X-ray camera module provides a 12 bit digital output via a camera link interface and operates from a 15V power supply. The C10650 is available in two formats, 3072 × 128 pixels and 4608 × 128 pixels. With a large CCD pixel size of 48 micron in each case, this gives a total imaging area of up to 220mm × 6mm.

Hamamatsu's C10650 can be adopted in a wide variety of NDT inspection applications, including mining, packaging, pharmaceuticals, pipelines, moulded metallic components, tyres, turbines, building materials, bone and glass in food stuffs, bottles, tin cans and many more.

For further information about the C10650 X-ray TDI CCD sensor, email info@hamamatsu.co.uk or visit the website at www.hamamatsu.com.

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