Norstat unveils HX series hinged safety switch

Switches integrate their electronic components in the mechanical hinge

Norstat carries a full line of stainless steel, hinged safety switches that are said to incorporate maximum safety and sleek design into a single switch.

“HX Series switches completely integrate their electronic components in the mechanical hinge, making the electronics practically invisible to the naked eye, while also making them more difficult to tamper with, adds Norstat. “The switching point for the HX Series is easily set with just a screwdriver, allowing a base activation angle of 15° to an opening angle of 180° or any point in between.”

Switches are available with open cable or M12 connection options and also have the option of three output directions ( top, bottom or behind ). Versions with electronic contact blocks are equipped with LEDs for input, output and general device status.

Cleanliness-washdown conditions

“The stainless steel body of the HX Series makes these switches an ideal solution for applications where cleanliness or washdown conditions occur, including food and beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical and marine," adds the company.

The HX Series operate on 24V DC, deliver PNP output and have a mechanical endurance of 1 million operating cycles. They conform to SIL CL 3, have a protection rating of IP67/IP69K and offer cable lengths from 0.5 to 10M.

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