Hydraulic gear motors from jbj Techniques

jbj Techniques has a well-proven range of hydraulic gearmotors. It has also published a comprehensive online resource on the subject that can be accessed 24/7 free of charge

The extensive array of mechanical engineering options available from jbj Techniques includes a well proven range of hydraulic gearmotors. They are likely to be of interest to both machine designers and builders. For some engineers though, the accompanying information source that jbj has now made available to go with the products is in itself worthy of examination. It provides a comprehensive overview of hydraulic motors and is also a valuable resource in itself, providing instant, free access to critical aspects of interest on the subject, including:

Frequently used mathematical formulas

A Guide to aid the selection of a hydraulic motor

Example calculations

Performance graphs

Series models

Calculators for delivered torque and delivered power

jbj Techniques’ hydraulic gear motors are available in both single and bi-rotational formats, and can be specified with a comprehensive range of mounting flange and shaft options. These include specific designs to accommodate high radial loads, and they complement the complete range of integrated relief valves and anti-cavitation valves also available to suit a wide range of applications. jbj says that to ensure optimum compatibility with a wide range of fluids (and environments), its hydraulic gearmotors can be manufactured in a variety of materials.

Hydraulic gear motors from jbj feature Teflon® coated shaft-bearing surfaces for long service life, and for power take-off, flexible couplings are preferred for direct drives. For higher outboard side loads, motors are available with reinforced front bearings.A complete portfolio of jbj reversible units and gear motors complements the range of hydraulic motors and pumps for all types of industrial process, heavy plant, agricultural and commercial equipment.

The company holds extensive stocks and the hydraulic motor resource hub can be discovered here.


Hydraulic gearmotors are accompanied by the publication of a useful online resource on the subject too
Hydraulic gearmotors are accompanied by the publication of a useful online resource on the subject too

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