Improved Ethernet to serial software available from Brainboxes

Brainboxes is announcing a major upgrade to their Ethernet to Serial Software 1 & 2 Port designs. Following stress testing the software has had numerous improvements added; the upgrade makes the software and products easier to install, and promises a more efficient data transfer that can cope with the busiest Ethernet networks. New customers will benefit straight away from this product development.

Existing Ethernet to Serial users can take advantage of the improvements by visiting to download the latest software version completely free, as part of the lifetime support offered by the company.

Brainboxes' Ethernet products now implement a Credit Based Flow Control protocol, which is of particular benefit on congested networks. It ensures that flow control packets are not blocked when the traffic on the Ethernet network is very busy, and that unwanted data packets do not add to the overall network congestion. This is a major benefit particularly to those customers whose network is subject to rush hour-type congestion.

There have been improvements to the performance at both low and high Baud rates; optimisation of the data packet size at low Baud makes for greater efficiency whilst minimising latency, and the ES devices now have a maximum Baud rate of 1 Mega Baud, up from the previous maximum of 230,400 Baud. Serial port tunnelling applications have benefited from these flow control improvements. You can check that you have the latest drivers and software for all Brainboxes products, including the Ethernet to Serial Software 1 & 2 Port designs upgrade by visiting the website at

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