Improved optical sensor modules from Yokogawa

Yokogawa is launching new, more capable versions of its AQ2200 optical sensor modules. The AQ2200-212 is a single channel optical sensor module, complete with an analog output port, while the AQ2200-222 offers two channels. Designed to work with the AQ2200 series frame controllers, the new modules offer improved performance over the existing AQ2200-221. The AQ2200-212 and the AQ2200-222 both offer a wide power range of +15 to -90dBm, compared with the AQ2200-221's figure of +10 to -70dBm. The modules can also achieve a seamless measurement of approximately 30dB without switching the measurement range.

The new modules also have an improved uncertainty of +/-2.5 per cent, compared with the predecessor's figure of +/-3 per cent. Minimum averaging time has been halved to 100us, compared with the AQ2200-221's 200us. Other performance figures include a wavelength range of 800 to 1700nm and a polarisation dependence of 0.02dB.

The new AQ2200 optical sensor modules are said to be suitable for manufacturers of active optical devices and components who need to test products such as lasers, optical transceivers, and optical amplifiers. They will also suit the needs of passive component manufacturers producing such things as optical fibres, optical connectors, and optical couplers. Manufacturers of optical transmission systems will see benefits too, says Yokogawa.

The capabilities of the new modules make them suitable for a range of applications demanding high accuracy. One of the main applications of the new products is I/L curve (drive current/optical power) measurement of laser diode modules. Because the single-range power range of the new sensor module is as wide as 30dB, the I/L curve characteristics can be measured accurately, quickly and seamlessly. Another is stress testing of an optical fibre cable. The ability of an optical fibre cable to resist impact is evaluated by measuring the momentary optical interruption and optical attenuation, as well as the degree of impact. Multiple AQ2200-212s allow optical inputs from the fibres to be measured following the application of a shock load, with the corresponding data sent to a data recorder via the analogue outputs.

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