Increased flexibility for motion system integration

Heason Technology adds Novanta IMS integrated stepper drives to portfolio

Heason Technology has added two new integrated stepper motor lines from Novanta IMS (formerly Schneider Electric Motion) to its product portfolio - expanding its motion system integration capability towards lower cost projects where performance requirements do not warrant highly specified servomotor-based motion system.

The Liberty MDrive and MDrive Plus all-in-one motion solutions variously cover NEMA 14 to 34 frame stepper motors with integral microstepping drives, motion controls, I/O as well as Ethernet and CANopen protocols packaged in IP20 to IP65 protected housings. With optional encoder feedback, the choice of open or closed loop operation further maximises application flexibility.

"Competitively priced and easy to integrate into automated positioning systems, these compact, decentralised drives simplify machine design – benefiting from reduced wiring and reduced EMCm whilst removing the need to accommodate drive electronics in control panels," states Heason Technology.

Programmable with Novanta IMS’s Mcode software

The Liberty MDrive and MDrive Plus series drives are programmable with Novanta IMS’s Mcode software through an RS-422/485 interface. Mcode includes logic, branching, trip and maths functions for comprehensive machine control. Both drive series also feature, CANopen to CiA DS301 and DSP402 with pre-programmed sequences called across multi-axis set-ups. They can also be set-up for simple position control using step/direction pulses from an external control source or operated in a speed control mode. A complement of eight I/Os are configurable for standard or high-speed performance, for example for fast registration on labelling machines or on-the-fly position synchronisation.

Both drive series’ feature IP20 rated pluggable and colour coded connectors, or optionally with industry standard M12 circular connectors rated for IP65 protection levels. Specifically, the MDrive Plus is aimed at open loop motion tasks and, with a slightly smaller housing, suits applications where machine space is at a premium. The MDrive Plus’s application flexibility includes an input power requirement that ranges from +12 up to +75 VDC as well as direct-on-line 120 to 240 VAC.

Ethernet-controlled system set-ups

The more sophisticated control capability of the Liberty MDrive is said to offer “exceptional performance and smoothness”, and is essentially aimed at Ethernet-controlled system set-ups with a choice of EtherNet/IP, Profinet, ModbusTCP protocols. Automation libraries, including networking add-on instructions, are available for Rockwell RSLogix 5000, Siemens S7 and Novanta IMS’s own (SoMachine and SoMachine Motion series PLC and PAC systems. With a choice of open loop or closed loop operation –  with optional incremental or multi-turn absolute encoders –  the drive offers a wide application flexibility.

Closed loop versions can also be equipped with Novanta IMS’s advanced hMT hardware control system which significantly increases the torque and positioning capability of the motor towards full servo performance, and also offers an advanced current control feature that includes programmable motor run and hold current.

With an integral auxiliary logic power supply input and a power requirement range from +12 up to +70 VDC, the drive can be applied to battery operated applications with hMT configured to maximise efficiency with variable current controls available to save energy and reduce heating.

Custom-designed positioning systems

Heason Technology has already integrated these drives into various custom-designed positioning systems. This includes Pharmweigh’s Draft Master automatic livestock drafting machine, which incorporates four MDrive Plus integrated drives programmed and configured with Heason supplied gearboxes to operate belt driven gates during animal weighing and sorting.

Novanta IMS MDrive series integrated stepper motors.
Novanta IMS MDrive series integrated stepper motors.
Pharmweigh’s Draft Master Auto Drafter – weighing, identifying and sorting sheep. Showing the MDrive Plus drives on the top of the machine.
Pharmweigh’s Draft Master Auto Drafter – weighing, identifying and sorting sheep. Showing the MDrive Plus drives on the top of the machine.
The MDrive Plus assembled on a Thomson Electric actuator.
The MDrive Plus assembled on a Thomson Electric actuator.

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