Industrial computers at Incheon Airport
Posted to News on 25th Feb 2016, 12:36

Industrial computers at Incheon Airport

Incheon International Airport is one of the largest and busiest airports in the world. Since 2005, it has been rated the best airport worldwide by Airports Council International every year. The airport holds an unbreakable record of being ranked the Best Airport Worldwide for 7 years by the Airports Council International (ACI)'s Airport Service Quality award. For a busy International Airport with an average of 1600 daily flights like Incheon International Airport, the simplicity and durability of flight information systems and baggage control systems is the most important thing. The Arbor ELIT-1650 not only fulfils these requirements but also fully complies with airport construction specifications. Now, 800 units of ELIT-1650 are installed as the flight Information and baggage control systems in Incheon International Airport providing efficient and durable service for hundreds of thousands of passengers passing through this airport.

Industrial computers at Incheon Airport

On average, there are 1600 daily flights that are displayed in the information express terminal in Incheon International Airport. The core requirement of industrial computers for the flight information system is high performance, stability, quality and business continuity for quick and accurate flight information services provided to travellers. Arbor knew the requirements of a busy information broadcasting systems. When cooperating with system integrator for Incheon Airport project, both sides showed the best expertise and system to help the client to enhance competitiveness and achieve their business objectives.

To build and sustain such an enormous computing system, the simplicity and durability of the IPC is the first priority. Comparing with previous systems of other industrial computer suppliers, ARBOR ELIT-1650 is a more compact and reliable option because of a fan-less system, low power consumption, and a detailed specification which is airport construction compliant. By using the ELIT-1650, the flight information system is able to provide more diverse content and interactive information services but the operation is more stable than the existing system.

The ELIT-1650 is a one-to-one connection with industrial computers and monitors for airline company names, flight schedules, and boarding gate information. In order to support these requirements, the ELIT-1650 industrial computer provides Full-HD video output and multi-display support. Moreover, ELIT-1650's flexible system structure provides multiple specifications for hardware such as CPU module and other expansions. By installing different CPU modules, ELIT-1650 is able to fulfil different applications with minimal modifications.

Flight information terminals consist of a large screen display, an industrial computer, a power supply, and the housing. Incheon International Airport flight information data is transferred from the server via a dedicated network to the display.

Reliability of industrial computers is the most important factor for current ICT trends. Specs and features have been developed in a variety of industrial computers to support these trends. The ARBOR ELIT-1650 provides dual application with one model for flight information signage and one for baggage control systems, which provides better flexibility. The durability and stability of the system provides continuity for quick and accurate flight information services for airport users. All in all, the ELIT-1650 not only fulfils the needs of high-specification and stable and trustworthy systems with flexible structure and customisation.

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