Industry-first magnet-free track linear motors
Posted to News on 19th Jul 2022, 12:00

Industry-first magnet-free track linear motors

Industry-first magnet-free track linear motors

Motion Control Products (MCP) says its MMF series magnet-free track linear motors represent an industry first and are truly innovative products.

Rather than having magnets in the linear track, with coils in the moving forcer, Motion Control’s MMF series ‘magnet-free track linear motor’ is based on magnetic field theory, with the platen not needing permanent magnets anymore. The company says this can save massive amount of rare-earth materials, saving on costs particularly on long platen lengths.

With safety being a factor on assembly with large magnetic fields on current linear motors, the magnet-free track linear motors have low vertical magnetic attraction, ease of forcer and platen protection and most importantly saving a vast amount of cost on the application of long linear movements with increased platen lengths.

MMF’s working principle, keeps the most basic electromagnetic theory still unchanged, but it adopts the latest ‘magnetic field modulation’ principles, with a self-modulated ferrite alloy stator, incorporating the magnets, moving from the stator to the mover, so that the coil and magnet are totally integrated in the mover in a compact format. The unique shaped design on the stator provides a magnetic circuit that essentially interacts with two magnetic fields to generate thrust, with excellent smooth performance and thrust.

By optimising this unique design between forcer and platen, the rated force can reach up to 552N (1076N at peak) with the maximum speed of 17.8m/s. And MCP says the motor efficiency can be above 90%. Further, MCP asserts that the manufacturing and installation of MMF linear motor gives customers extremely high force density, ease of assembly to their application, with increased operating speed, with precision movement.

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