Infrared windows withstand arc-fault events

Hawk IR International is introducing its latest development in infrared safety technology – the C-Range IR window that has been independently certified to withstand a 50kA Arc-Fault event. This has been successfully tested with the latest fusion technology. Thanks to its patented construction, the Hawk IR C-Range enables visual and infrared inspection to be completed simultaneously.

Visual inspection has long been a standard requirement when completing an infrared scan. In fact infrared cameras have been available with built-in digital cameras for many years, providing invaluable location information to augment the thermal image. Recent developments in camera technology have combined infrared and visual by using a method known as Fusion. Combining Fusion technology with the Hawk IR windows allows the thermographer to complete an IR inspection in the correct manner by providing visual images of the inside of electrical equipment in order to backup the infrared scan, which is invaluable for equipment with many components that are difficult to isolate for repair operations.

Hawk IR Sightglass C-Range features include:

  • Fusion-capable CLIRVU crystal optic
  • 50kA arc-fault resistance
  • High-voltage approved
  • UL/CSA certification
  • NEMA 3/12 and IP65 certified

The C-Range IR window is necessarily designed to be tough and is also maintenance-free. Standard construction uses aluminium and silicone components – though stainless steel options are available – in order to suit every environment.

Tony Holliday, Director of Sales & Marketing for Hawk IR International, comments: "With the arrival of infrared fusion technology, an IR window that can combine visual and infrared inspection in one is a 'must have' for electrical infrared personnel. Standard infrared reporting practice is to include a visual reference image alongside the thermogram. High-energy electrical equipment is no different. In fact repair work may be carried out at a later time by personnel who have little or no contact with infrared thermographers and who need visual cues as to what to repair and where the fault actually lies."

The innovative C-Range IR window complies with international arc-fault containment standards ANSI C37, EEMACS 14-1 and IEC 62271-200, and has been certified by third parties to ensure compliance. Additional certifications include High Voltage Marine (Lloyds of London), Norwegian Offshore Sector (NEMKO), Vibration & Humidity resistant (TUV), Ingress Protection IP65 (SIRA), and Type 3/12 (UL & CSA).

Hawk IR International Ltd

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TS11 6JX

+44 (0)1642 497000

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