Inherently safe fibre optic emergency stop and U-beam sensors

Micronor is introducing two new inherently safe fibre optic signalling products for the industrial automation, robotic and medical markets. The MR380 series fibre optic emergency stop offers E-stop functional safety compliance with SIL1 rating. The MR382 series fibre optic U-beam sensor is a general-purpose photo interruption/slot sensor. The two products each consist of a passive optical sensor that connects to a DIN rail-mounting controller module via an industry-standard OM1 duplex 62.5/125 multimode fibre optic link. The products can operate over distances up to 2500m (8200 feet).

These passive sensors are ATEX rated inherently safe Ex op is, allowing direct use in any type of hazardous location or potentially explosive atmosphere, from mines to gaseous and dusty environments. The sensors are designed to be used in a wide range of harsh-environment applications, including mines, coal bins, oil rigs, petrochemical plants, welding robots, grain elevators, medical and MRI, as well as extreme electromagnetic and high-voltage environments. The sensors and optical links are immune to EMI, RFI, lightning, high-voltage discharges and ground loops.

The MR380/MR382 controller modules are designed to be installed remote from the sensors in a non-hazardous location typical of other electronic and control equipment. These controllers provide the functional electrical interface to the customer's system. The MR380 E-stop controller provides a conventional emergency stop functional interface including DPDT relay contacts and digital signal outputs for input to a PLC or other system controller. The MR382 U-beam controller interface offers a frequency-to-voltage output (for speed monitoring applications), plus digital signal outputs in support of typical applications such as a gear tooth speed sensor, edge detector or proximity sensor.

For functional safety applications, both controllers default to the emergency state when:

  1. the optical path is blocked
  2. in case of a broken fibre
  3. in case of a fibre being disconnected
  4. loss of power to the controller link

In small quantities, the unit price for a complete MR380 or MR382 sensor/controller set is $960 or $880, respectively, with typical lead time of stock to two weeks. Discounts are available for OEM applications. Special engineered versions are available for MRI applications, radiation and vacuum environments.

Follow the links to find out more about the MR380 series fibre optic emergency stop device and the MR382 series fibre optic U-beam sensor.

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