Inspiring materials are hot topic for new podcast

Creation of innovative materials and their applications sit at heart of podcast discussions

Research materials supplier Goodfellow has launched a new, all-purpose industry podcast. The series, created with researchers, developers and STEM (Science, Technology, English and Maths) students in mind, is said to be ideal for anyone with an interest in the science behind materials, no matter what their level of understanding. 

“This is thanks to the unique perspective of the podcast, which looks at not only the basics of each material, but also any unique applications, such as material usage in art and design projects,” says Goodfellow.

Hosted by the company’s global marketing manager Joel Aleixo, with guests ranging from celebrities to scientific experts, each episode focuses on asking (and answering) the difficult questions about materials innovation. 

Passion project

Aleixo comments: “This podcast is a passion project for us and we’re really pleased to finally launch it! What we’re particularly proud of is just how accessible it is – whether you’re at the top of your field in R&D or if you’re just someone with a curious interest in materials and their varied uses, you’ll be able to listen, relate to and easily understand all that’s being discussed, as well as learning something new.”

He will frequently be joined by members of his own technical team, as well as experts, artists, designers and more, he adds. “It’s something everyone involved has genuinely enjoyed creating and we’re hoping that comes across in the discussions.”

Charity donations

Goodfellow will also be supporting a charity with donations throughout the first series. The charity receiving these donations is Outside In, a national body that aims to provide a platform for artists who face significant barriers to the art world, due to health, disability, social circumstance or isolation. 

Listen to the podcast here


Podcast is well worth the time
Podcast is well worth the time

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