Intelligent lighting, at the ready

As any Instagram user will tell you, lighting makes all the difference to images

For machine vision applications, Basler has achieved comprehensive coverage and OEM Automatic now stocks that whole new lighting range.

Basler’s new camera light range brings together its high-quality lighting equipment with its U and L camera models, which is said to significantly reduce any of the complexity associated with a vision system.

SLP's critical role

This close integration of camera and light rests on the Basler SLP feature, which, it states, “enables direct communication between the two, making the entire process simpler and shorter”. This is said to:

·         Allow easy synchronisation between camera and lighting

·         Give non-expert users easy access to the popular strobe mode (which provides more light and a longer LED lifetime)

·         Simplify the set-up for vision applications.

“A plug-and-play set-up means that it’s straightforward for users to choose an easy approach for quick results,” adds Basler. “Or they can choose a more flexible approach, suitable for those customers with lighting experience who have applications with specific lighting requirements. Lighting can be easily operated in different modes such as continuous, strobe or overdrive.”

Software interface

Both camera and lighting share the same software interface, the Basler pylon Camera Software Suite, which, it is stated, makes installation and operation straightforward.

Comments Gareth Ford, business area manager for OEM Automatic’s Machine Vision & Code Reading team: “The plug-and-play set-up and its low operating costs make it very user-friendly and cost-efficient. OEM Automatic is a strategic partner of Basler and we’re very pleased to be supplying its whole range in the UK.”

OEM Automatic now stocks that whole new lighting range.
OEM Automatic now stocks that whole new lighting range.

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