Intelligent power supplies for machine and panel builders

Andy Turtle of WAGO offers a view on choosing effective and high performing power supplies

Machine and panel builders know that in common with many of the other products they use, power supplies can help optimise production and minimise downtime. As an example of recent developments in the field of power supplies, our recently released new PRO 2 unit is designed to provide a combination of real time monitoring, operational efficiency and long term reliability.

Knowledge at your fingertips

Predictability and spotting a problem before it becomes serious are two primary benefits of the communications data insight our new unit can provide.  With real time monitoring of critical performance parameters (for example increases in current) power problems that could lead to production delays can be identified early on and dealt with.  

Over the long term, the data knowledge and overall trends highlighted by a unit like our own can also underpin the development of predictive maintenance regimes which are designed to optimise production on the shop floor. They can also help to do away with unscheduled stoppages that can quickly turn into expensive production shutdowns. Transparent data access and high connectivity to all levels of the enterprise mean that our new unit could be viewed as a strategic aid when it comes to reliable power supply.  In addition, when addressing system design, in our case we have comprehensive ‘digital twin’ information available, helping to save the machine and panel builders time and resources as new systems and their power supplies are created.

Efficient power and lower costs

Allied to high system visibility, high efficiency levels are also worthy of note.  With our new unit delivering up to 96.3% efficiency in power supply, reductions in power consumption and cost can be achieved alongside the added benefit of low heat rise that is particularly important within a panel setting, especially one that requires adequate ventilation design. It helps towards supporting positive environmental values and in our case, overall cost reduction is also assisted thanks to the new unit’s inbuilt circuit breaker: it removes the additional expense of including a separate breaker device as part of the protection regime.

Service life and reliability

Users searching for reliability to support their operations also demand ever longer service lives, and in our case the new PRO 2  unit provides a mean time between failure (MTBF) which we estimate at 1 million hours. To further aid machine and panel builders, our new unit also includes TopBoost functionality that provides safe and predictable disconnection times in the event of a power-related issue, and means that the completed panel can conform to the Machinery Directive EN 60204. 

Time demands call for power supplies which are easy to install, and in our case we use pluggable screw less connectors to boost installation speed and reliability. We believe that our new power supply unit offers a step change in the options available to machine and panel builders looking for an effective, high performing and flexible power supply solution. Using Industry 4.0-ready communications to enhance the ability to spot, anticipate and rectify power supply issues before they happen on the production line means less unwanted downtime and reduced costs all round.   


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