Intelligently controlled peristaltic metering pump

North Ridge Pumps is offering a peristaltic metering pump that features a built in variable frequency drive 

North Ridge says that its special design enables the precise metering of gaseous, viscous and shear-sensitive media that contains particles without the use of either valves or seals that might be prone to blockage and wear. The unit utilises peristaltic pump technology to guarantee precise, linear and repeatable metering in all process conditions and is controlled via a 3” LED display with Keys and click wheel. It has functions accessed via the built in menu and the unit can also be controlled remotely via BUS (PROFIBUS, PROFINET, CANbus) as well as being IOT capable.

The custom interface features built in machine learning which enables the unit to anticipate hose failure, thus preventing downtime, increasing longevity and ensuring that a users process continues to run uninterrupted. On first use the unit ‘learns’ the operating characteristics, typical hours of operation, working duty and flows, detecting when the hose has leaked through its inbuilt leakage detection sensor. Once the hose has been replaced it notes the number of hours of operation which led to the failure, warning users as the unit approaches a similar time frame to provide operators with the opportunity to replace the hose prior to another potential failure. 

The user interface not only displays current pump function but also assists users by guiding operators through hose replacement via the use of on-screen instructions. The pump head automatically rotates into the correct position for hose replacement meaning users do not have to manually intervene.

North Ridge summarises the key features of this pump as:

Precise, linear and repeatable metering Gaseous of gaseous, viscous, and shear-sensitive media containing particles up to 40,000cst

Enables the input of a required final concentration, with volume-proportional metering to meet required concentration (concentration mode)

Has an automatic metering mode – volume settings only (l/h, ml/contact)

Metering repeatability to ±2% with retracted hose after 500 revolutions

Metering in either L/h, or gph

Built in hose leakage detector

Dry run capable and reversible

Visually guided hose change

Single component in contact with fluid –the hose means there are no seals, or valves to clog or wear

Operation by contact, batch, manual, analogue or BUS control

Task mode for volume proportioning, and timed metering

Typical liquids: Sulfuric acid, hydrogen peroxide, chlorine, sodium hypochlorite, flocculants, coagulants polymers and other chemicals

North Ridge Pumps Ltd

X-Cel House, Chrysalis Way
Langley Bridge
NG16 3RY

+44 (0)1773 302660

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