iPOS4808 BX-CAT: intelligent drive with EtherCAT interface

iPOS4808 BX-CAT is the latest member of the iPOS family of Technosoft intelligent drives.

Designed to cover medium to high-volume applications, the iPOS family of drives can be delivered either as open-frame, plug-in modules with vertical (VX models) or horizontal (MX models) mounting on the user's main board, or as closed-frame boxes equipped with retractable connectors (BX models). The iPOS4808 BX-CAT is the first BX drive with an EtherCAT interface.

Having a high-current capability (8A continuous, 20A peak), the iPOS4808 BX-CAT drive offers a very compact, cost-effective universal option for the control of rotary or linear brushless, DC brush, and step motors of powers up to 400W and voltages up to 50V.

Based on the MotionChip} technology, iPOS4808 BX-CAT can operate either as a standard EtherCAT drive that accepts the CAN application protocol over EtherCAT (CoE), or as an intelligent drive that can be programmed to execute complex motion profiles directly at drive level using its built-in motion controller and the high level Technosoft Motion Language (TML).

Equipped with two feedback connectors, the iPOS4808 BX-CAT drive can be used in dual-loop control applications where motor and load sensors can be single-ended, differential or sine/cosine encoders. Digital and linear Halls are also accepted as motor sensors.

The iPOS4808 BX-CAT drive can work with EtherCAT communication cycles down to 200μs for all working configurations: open loop micro-stepping or closed loop control of 2 or 3-phase steppers, DC brushed motor control, sinusoidal (FOC) or trapezoidal (Hall-based) control of brushless motors. The configuration, tuning and local programming of the iPOS4808 BX-CAT drive can easily be done using Technosoft's graphical platform EasyMotion Studio.

Please follow the link for product specifications for the iPOS4808 BX-CAT.

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