Jupiter 200 is 'safest liquid level transmitter of its type'

Magnetrol claims its new Jupiter 200 is the safest magnetostrictive liquid level transmitter on the market. With a SFF of >90 per cent, the Jupiter is suitable for SIL 2 instrumented loops as a 1oo1 device and is said to exceed the rating of any other equivalent device. The Jupiter is a highly accurate (0.4mm) transmitter with repeatable (0.13mm) measurement over a measuring range of 5.7m.

this new loop-powered level transmitter simultaneously measures top and liquid-liquid interface levels. Users can easily select which primary variable should control the loop signal via the Eclipse lookalike menu. The use of a Moore HIM loop card enables both top and liquid-liquid interface levels to be available as an analogue output.

The Jupiter 200 series direct insertion model can be mounted on the vessel or inside a stillwell, bridle or bypass cage. The direct insertion model is suitable for clean liquids only and handles process temperatures up to +260degC. An external mount version of the Jupiter 200 is also available, which clamps on Magnetrol's Atlas magnetic level indicator. As an external mount model, the Jupiter handles any type of liquid including slurries and process temperatures up to +455degC.

Jupiter 200 series instruments are designed for pressure ranges from full vacuum up to 26.2bar at +40degC (direct insertion models). External mount models are not affected by any process condition (viscosity, density, temperature, pressure, etc) but rely on the float limits of the MLI on which the unit is mounted.

In addition, the Jupiter 200 performs a continuous diagnosis on the float integrity and electronic circuitry. It also guards the ambient temperature of the electronics and records any diagnostic message. The Jupiter 200 is compatible with HART/AMS, PACTware and Foundation Fieldbus communication protocols.

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