JVL introduces 400W integrated brushless servo motor

In recent years, integrated brushless servo motors from JVL have achieved a strong reputation throughout the world for their ingenious design. The existing range of 50-141W and 800W motors is now being supplemented with the introduction of a mid-range 400W model offering 1.3Nm of torque up to 3000rpm and shortly up to 1200W for highly dynamic applications.

All of these motors are compact and easy to install and set up. The driver, controller, encoder and Hall sensor are all integrated within the motor in a robust, splash-proof housing. The basic motors offer the following standard features:

  • Operating commands from PC/PLC via RS232/422/485
  • Pulse/Direction or quadrature inputs for electronic gearing
  • A+B encoder output
  • Velocity and torque control, either controlled digitally or via +/-12bit
  • +/-10V inputs
  • Positioning via digital interface
  • Software-controlled end-of-travel stops
  • Selection of acceleration
  • Maximum velocity, torque, etc
  • Sixth-order servo filter
  • Sine commutation with 2048 PPR encoder (8196 pulses/revolution)
  • Alarm and "˜in position' outputs
  • Three inputs and three outputs for High Speed start/stop and capture applications
  • Internal Power Dump

In addition, the JVL integrated MAC motors utilise a modular concept. Plug-in expansion modules adapt the motor to the application. A variety of connector types are available, eg D-Sub, cable glands or M12 connectors, and there is the choice of Profibus, DeviceNet, CANopen or nano-PLC control. High-speed and wireless modules further add to the possibilities. Equally important, you only pay for what you need. Moreover, if the feature you require is not available, JVL is offering to develop customised modules.

The new MAC400 provides all of the same features as the larger MAC800 model and in addition offers:

  • Absolute multiturn encoder (Q2 2009)
  • Prepared for PowerLink; EtherCAT; Ethernet/IP; ProfiNet and SERCOS
  • Even lower cost due to new technology and production techniques
  • Improved two-channel power dump circuit
  • Two RS422 channels for encoder in/output and SSI encoder, etc
  • Six IO for capture of position; interrupt, counters, enable, timer and PLC functions
  • High-speed serial interface
  • Plugable power connectors
  • Natural cooling, no fan

Among the many well-known advantages of using an integrated motor like the MAC motor, the following can be mentioned:

  • Simple installation. No cables between motor and driver
  • EMC safe. Switching noise remains within motor
  • Compact. Does not take space in cabinet
  • 24V DC for control circuits
  • Option for built-in brake
  • All MAC motors use the same expansion modules
  • CE approved/MAC800 UL recognised, pending for MAC400
  • Built-in 115/130V AC mains supply in MAC400 and MAC800
  • Low price

This new MAC400 model has been developed because of customer requests for a mid-range product in the highly successful MAC series. The MAC400 fully lives up to the strict requirements JVL put on all the MAC motors regarding performance, versatility and reliability.

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