Korenix PoE switches ensure real-time video surveillance

From airport security systems to traffic monitoring and city surveillance systems, IP video surveillance is a fast-growing market, where the quality of the network determines the reliability and quality of video delivery. Network redundancy is therefore a key factor in selecting the most appropriate network system.

A recent large-scale city video surveillance project in Tel Aviv, Israel, was designed to enhance the safety and security of the city's residents and to safeguard critical infrastructure. The installation of high-definition mega-pixel cameras throughout the city was completed in May 2013 in various key locations such as traffic intersections and public parks. The project required a high-bandwidth, highly robust system to enable security personnel to monitor video coverage from a remote location in real time, and to provide immediate responses when needed.

JetNet 5310G PoE (Power over Ethernet) switches from Korenix were selected and deployed across the city in order to optimise the transfer of high-resolution video images from megapixel PTZ cameras back to the city control centre that is responsible for monitoring city security. Up to eight cameras are installed in each location, which transmit video images across distances of up to 5km, at high capacity 50Mbps with zero latency. The JetNet 5310G switches are successfully providing a reliable surveillance network.

Each JetNet 5310G switch delivers 30W of power with up to eight high-power applications in PoE-enabled devices, such as IP cameras and multimedia displays, which are accessed through the eight PoE ports, while simultaneously collecting the captured video streams and other data with superior image quality over long distances. As a result, this significantly reduced installation and cabling costs.

To transfer recorded video images and other important messages (such as administration announcements, advertisements and emergency evacuation alerts) from the PoE switch in the control room back to the station on LED/LCD displays, the uplink gigabit fibre SFP ports of the switches are used to transfer data over a fibre optic network. The JetNet 5310G switches support Korenix's patented Multiple Super Ring (MSR) redundancy protocol, which allows administrators to form a fibre ring network for transferring video images in real time with no loss or system collision.

The JetNet 5310G PoE switches, which operate in ambient temperatures from -40degC to +75degC, withstand very high temperatures and harsh city conditions such as non-line-of-sight, high interference and extreme environmental conditions such as strong winds, fog, dust and high humidity.

Benefits of choosing JetNet 5310G

The customer selected JetNet 5310G switches because of the enhanced system reliability they offer in terms of PSE (Power Sourcing Equipment) reliability, PD (Powered Device) reliability and link reliability (the connection between the PSE and the PD, i.e. the switch and camera, ensuring maximum uptime).

In addition, the switches comply with LPLD (Link Partner Line Detect), a Korenix protocol that sends a simple "hello" message to check that the PD is still responding. If it fails to receive a reply in a specified time limit, it will power cycle the PoE power on the port to see if it can bring the PD back online. The switches also provide high-quality video transmission by optimised IGMP, as well as stable high-power PoE delivery across a wide operating temperature range.

Korenix's PoE switches are being deployed in surveillance networks across the world due to their uplink capabilities and patented ring system redundancy protocols. With thousands of installations worldwide, Korenix has become the standard for implementing high-end video surveillance transmissions.

Korenix's comprehensive range of IP surveillance network products are compatible with the leading IP camera product suppliers, including Axis, Mobotix, Sony, Bosch and Pelco. This range includes 12V and 24V power boost technologies that bring PoE to vehicle, bus and rail applications, making mobile IP surveillance more practical, cost effective and reliable.

Korenix's patented MSR (Multiple Super Ring) technology guarantees a reliable, continuous IP network for critical video transmissions. Any network failures can be recovered within just 5ms on break and on reconnection 0ms, minimising network redundancy and improving video quality.

Other IP surveillance network products from Korenix include long distance (up to 40km) wireless solutions; a patented PoE networking computer that combines router, managed Ethernet switch, PoE, serial device server and digital I/O controller into an ultra compact housing; weatherproof, anti-vibration PoE switches for harsh environments; and a Managed Gigabit Ethernet Switch that has seven fast Ethernet ports and three gigabit RJ45/SFP combo ports, specifically designed to meet the needs of reliable, high-quality video transmission systems for large-scale IP surveillance projects or for installations with a large number of megapixel IP cameras.

Santos Muro, Business Development Manager at Korenix UK comments: "Korenix IP surveillance network solutions are being utilised in a wide range of industry sectors, including transportation, traffic management, airports, oil and gas installations, and city surveillance systems. Korenix's MSR technology is unique and is designed to build the most reliable, high-quality, scaleable IP surveillance networks. MSR guarantees that the failure recovery time of the network is within 5 milliseconds, which means that video streams are protected from any network failures and so can be resumed instantaneously. Compared to other protocols, MSR offers the most reliable, high quality IP surveillance network solution."

For more information on Korenix and its products, including the JetNet 5310G PoE (Power over Ethernet) switches, please visit the website at www.korenix.co.uk, or email sales@korenix.co.uk.

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