Korenix PoE switches ensure security of Basra Sports Complex

When selecting hardware and software for video surveillance projects, one of the key objectives is to ensure a high-quality, live video system with no time delays, particularly if the location or building is used frequently by members of the public and where security is of the utmost importance. Korenix PoE switches were used for one such project in Basra.

The Basra Sports Complex in Southern Iraq is one such location. The complex itself, which comprises two football stadiums, as well as training pitches, hotels and apartments, was built to entertain up to 100,000 people in a single 800,000 square meter location. Security is therefore absolutely critical.

High-definition IP cameras are installed in many locations across the Complex, including the main gates, entrances, parking zones, auditoriums, corridors and storage areas. However, managing and ensuring a reliable network infrastructure and video surveillance system throughout the Complex was a huge challenge for the project managers. The network must provide fast recovery on redundancy if a security threat or disaster occurs.

As there are vast distances between the central management system and the buildings within the Complex, the project required a highly reliable industrial network in terms of equipment, topology and guaranteeing the availability of power for operating the cameras. Other challenges included daytime temperatures, which can reach 60degC during summertime.

Korenix Ring Topology and a variety of Korenix PoE switches were selected and deployed across the Basra Sports Complex. Korenix JetNet 6059G was selected to deploy the high speed RING topology and network redundancy. JetNet 6059G is an Industrial Gigabit Managed Ethernet Switch with 9 full gigabit ports and 32G switching backplane, which ensure high quality data transmission for the video surveillance project, which requires high-bandwidth connectivity.

In addition, the customer selected Korenix JetNet 5710G PoE switches for simultaneous data connectivity and transmission of power via Power-over-Ethernet (PoE). JetNet 5710G was designed exclusively for highly critical PoE applications such as real-time high-resolution IP video surveillance. The switch is also able to operate in very hot, humid temperatures in excess of 60degC.

Korenix also supplied its JetCon 3401G for use in outdoor IP camera locations. The main challenge here is the distance between the camera and IDFs. However, by using fibre optic cabling in conjunction with the JetNet 3401G media converter, this provided the required flexibility for installing the cameras in outdoor areas where the camera operating temperature could reach 60degC.

Mobile IP surveillance

Korenix's comprehensive range of IP surveillance network products are compatible with many IP camera product suppliers, including Axis, Mobotix, Sony, Bosch and Pelco. This range includes 12V and 24V power boost technologies that bring PoE to vehicle, bus and rail applications, making mobile IP surveillance more practical, cost effective and reliable.

Santos Muro, Business Development Manager at Korenix UK comments: "Korenix's PoE switches are being deployed in surveillance networks across the world due to their unmatched uplink capabilities and patented ring system redundancy protocols. With thousands of installations worldwide, Korenix has become the standard for implementing high-end video surveillance transmissions."

Korenix's patented Multiple Super Ring technology guarantees a reliable, continuous IP network for critical video transmissions. Any network failures can be recovered within just 5ms on break and on reconnection 0ms. This minimises network redundancy and improves the quality of the video images.

Other IP surveillance network products from Korenix include long distance (up to 40km) wireless products; a patented PoE networking computer that combines router, managed Ethernet switch, PoE, serial device server and digital I/O controller into an ultra compact housing; weatherproof, anti-vibration PoE switches for harsh environments; and a Managed Gigabit Ethernet Switch that has seven fast Ethernet ports and three gigabit RJ45/SFP combo ports, specifically designed to meet the needs of reliable, high-quality video transmission systems for large-scale IP surveillance projects or for installations with a large number of megapixel IP cameras.

For more information on Korenix and its products, including their PoE switches please visit the website at www.korenix.co.uk or email sales@korenix.co.uk.

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