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Stack light assemblies in 30mm size launched



Norstat now offers a line of Stack light assemblies in a smaller 30mm size that are described as ideal for machine and automation applications where a full-size stack light is not suitable.

“While these stack lights may be smaller in dimension, they still deliver exceptional brightness and reliability,” says the company. Functionality, flexibility and ease of wiring are said to help differentiate this stack light line from the competition. 

These stack lights can be mounted directly to a base and pole or configured onto an e-stop or other similar enclosure, with a maximum of five connected lights.

There are six colour options available, as well as an audible element that produces a 75db continuous alarm.

All lights are polycarbonate, carry a protection rating of IP 54, have a high resistance to vibration and can operate in temperatures ranging from -20°C to +50°C. 

Stack light assemblies now come in a smaller 30mm size.
Stack light assemblies now come in a smaller 30mm size.

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