Long-range position sensors for use in harsh environments

The NCG-1-AL-UHV position sensors from Queensgate, based upon highly advanced proprietary capacitive technology, are the longest range devices in the company's portfolio. Their measurements can span across 11,000um. Designed for precision positioning in the most uncompromising of environments, they have a sensing mechanism that utilises gold-plated ceramic capacitive plates and exhibits a combination of rugged construction plus strong operational performance of 0.12um resolution (thanks to very low noise electronics).

NanoSensors maintain their zero position when they are powered down making them a highly optimised alternative or addition to interferometry for short-distance measurements. Low thermal changes at the point of measurement mean the sensors are suitable for system drift and stability measurement. The sensors are radiation hard to 107Gy, have an extended working temperature range (covering -200degC to +150degC), are non-magnetic and are suitable for placement in ultra-high vacuum environments (up to 1 × 10-10Torr).

Their relatively simple installation, with just one or two electrical feedthroughs, reduces system complexity and cost over optical measurement systems. A standard model capacitive sensor NCG-1-AL is also available for use in air.

Queensgate's NCG-1-AL-UHV position sensors are designed to be accompanied by the company's NS-2000/NS-2000SM single axis or NS-2304 multi-axis sensor controllers. Among the key applications for these devices are insertion redevises, X-ray monochromators, precision manufacturing and other large-scale science experiments.

For more information about the NCG-1-AL-UHV position sensors from Queensgate, please visit www.nanopositioning.com.

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