Low-cost GPS antennas designed for embedded applications
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Posted to News on 22nd Jul 2007, 09:55

Low-cost GPS antennas designed for embedded applications

CTi Ltd is launching a series of low-cost GPS antennas for embedded applications. Available in five different sizes, from 12mm square to 25mm square, the new PA series of ceramic patch antennas provide electronics designers and system integrators with an inexpensive, ready-made product for GPS satellite signal acquisition. All five antennas offer a choice of standard 4mm or ultra-low 2mm profiles, and can also be supplied as a module with a built-in low-noise amplifier and SAW filter for ease of integration and reduced product development times.

Low-cost GPS antennas designed for embedded applications

Intended primarily for use in portable telematics systems, the antennas are also suitable for a wide range of embedded GPS applications, including handheld devices, asset tracking, fleet management, vehicle tracking and marine navigation.

The PA series of antennas feature circular polarisation and are suitable for use with any standard 1575.42MHz GPS receiver. They all have a nominal 50 Ohm output impedance and an output VSWR (Voltage Standing Wave Ratio) of less than 2:1. A choice of 12, 15, 17, 18 and 25mm square models makes it very easy for customers to select the optimum antenna for their particular application. When mounted on a suitable ground plane, the antennas have a gain between 1.5 dBic and 3 dBic. The optional fully integrated low-noise amplifier, which is available for all PA series antennas, provides 26 dB gain and operates from any voltage in the range 2.5-5V DC; it also has a very low power consumption - just 75mW - making it useful for battery-powered applications.

All standard PA series antennas are packaged as planar ceramic devices, designed for single through-hole board mounting. The amplified versions are available with a wide choice of cable lengths and connectors, including the sub-miniature U.FL or W.FL types. For customers ordering production quantities, CTi also offers a fine-tuning service that allows the antenna's 1575.42MHz centre frequency to be shifted slightly to compensate for any proximity effects of the end-product's housing and other circuitry.

For more details about the new PA series embedded GPS antennas, as well as CTi's extensive range of WiFi, Bluetooth and GSM antennas, please visit the company's website.

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