Magsafe monitors four switches from one control box

Smartscan's latest innovation in magnetic safety gate interlocking, known as Magsafe, now offers the ability to monitor up to four magnetic switches from a single low-cost control box. This additional option allows Smartscan to offer customers even greater flexibility in their safety gate/access control designs.

Having the facility to fully monitor up to four magnetic interlocks makes the Magsafe suitable for many work cells, typically with one or two safety gates/doors providing access through the perimeter safety fencing to a dangerous machine. The Magsafe electromagnetic safety gate interlocks provide interlocking and access control for a wide range of applications in the food and drink, automotive, buildings materials, paper industries and many others.

Magsafe's innovative design enables it to be both flexible and user-friendly, while still offering customers a low-cost safety gate interlocking system.

In addition to this, Smartscan has applied its safety light curtain technology background to the safety gate interlocking market by providing a system control unit that continuously monitors the 'on' and 'off' state of the magnets. This ensures the system detects when the gate is open and when it is closed. Only when the gate is closed and the magnetic locking force applied, will the control system allow the machine to operate.

A typical system comprises electromagnetic gate locks, a controller, a local access control unit with 'traffic light' entry condition indication, and connection cables.

The system features include: Category 4 (to EN 954-1) safety integrity; selectable run-down timers for gate release; no moving parts - which significantly reduces mechanical wear; a holding force up to 500N per magnet; operation of up to four monitored magnetic gate locks from a single controller; easy alignment between magnet and target; dual-channel safety relay outputs; safety monitoring (EDM); and emergency stop inputs.

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