Make the right connections with binder at Drives and Controls

binder specialises in the design and manufacture of circular connectors for a wide variety of industrial applications and will showcase many examples of its high-performance products at this year's Drives and Controls exhibition at the NEC (April 10-12). Sectors that benefit from binder's connector technology include automation, food and beverage, materials handling, industrial data and communications systems as well as power applications.

Visitors to Stand D832 will be able to discuss binder's complete range of connectors including its M5, M8 and M12 connectors designed for the growing sensors and controls market where the move towards the smart factory means an increase in demand for robust and reliable signal, communication and power connections.

binder has recently announced a number of new connectors including several designed for outdoor use. Here, binder has introduced a new range of M12 connectors with a UV plastic body and high-grade stainless steel combination providing high temperature and chemical resistance while polymeric seals ensure protection to IP69K. A tough protection cap with a lanyard ensures sealing even when unmated while screw clamp terminations make them well suited for field assembly.

The more stringent hygiene requirements for machinery, systems and components in the food and beverage markets can be met with new binder connectors designed specifically for this market. These M12 A-coded connectors will be highly suited to applications in all types of industrial food processing including milk and cheese dairies, abattoirs, bottling plants and food storage and will also find use in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries. binder has used high-quality materials such as stainless steel and special plastics with very smooth contours to prevent dirt adhesion. In addition, a high protection class (IP68 and IP69K) is provided to meet the requirements of high pressure cleaning with the aggressive chemicals widely used in the industry.

Power connections

binder's HEC series of connectors is designed specifically for outdoor use. Capable of handling up to 32A at a rated voltage of 600V, the binder Series 696 HEC power connector is available in both cable and panel mount formats with 4+PE silver-plated male or female contacts.

The connectors are manufactured from a tough UL 94V-0-rated polyamide and incorporate a three-point bayonet locking system that makes for quick and secure fastening. They feature a robust and safe coding mechanism to prevent incorrect orientation and, according to binder, they are suitable for over 1000 mating cycles. The use of a variety of crimp contacts ensures a secure, vibration-proof termination.

They are waterproof and dustproof to IP68/IP69k and can withstand the levels of harsh treatment found in applications like agriculture and construction where the use of high-pressure washing is commonplace. Other applications include traffic and signalling systems, process engineering plants, water purification facilities and recycling equipment.

Other products that will be on display include binder's M12 814 and 813 Series connectors which are designed around a plastic housing. For ease of installation, they feature pre-wired male and female panel mount connectors for power applications across a wide variety of automation installations.

The binder 814 and 813 Series are available in both S and T coding - S for an AC supply with PE connection and T for a DC supply. Both feature a plastic housing with an M16 × 1.5 fixing thread which can be panel mounted by either direct screwing or by a fixing nut. Protection can be up to IP68 when mated.

The new connectors have gold plated contacts rated at 12A - 63V DC, 630V AC - terminated with low-contact resistance crimped AWG 16 single wires in standard lengths of 200mm. Other wire lengths can be requested.

For panel mount applications, the company's RD24 connector is a panel mount power connector that is particularly suited for use with thicker front panels. binder's Series 693 is a robust, compact, centre locking RD24 connector designed by binder to be quickly and easily mounted so reducing assembly costs across a wide variety of applications.

The new centre locking RD24 power connector is available with 3+PE or 6+FE gold plated contacts with a maximum current rating of 16A or 10A and voltages of 400V or 250V. It features screw termination and is rated to IP67 when mated.

All these and many more circular connectors will be on display and binder specialists will be available to discuss visitors' interconnection requirements. Go to for more information, or visit the company on Stand D832 at this year's Drives and Controls exhibition.

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