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With 50 years’ experience in the design and manufacture of non-contact safety switches, safety interlocks, safety relays and light curtains for machine guarding applications, Mechan Controls is now ready to push through to other areas within the machine guard safety market, with four key new products for 2023.

Mechan Controls have always believed that success is achieved through innovation and progress, and this has led the company to expand its research and development department. With a continual focus on developing new products for our customers, the new products include the Proton solenoid interlock, the SafeLine 4 grabwire, Imperium control station and the MK-Safe range.

Proton: The Proton advanced solenoid interlock has been designed for use on machines where hazardous conditions persist even after the machine has been switched off. The robust design and heavy-duty solenoid can withstand up to 2000N hold force and energise under a lateral load.

The internal specifications meet the requirements for CAT4, SIL3 and have been designed to maintain PL-e when connected to a safety relay or Safety PLC. The unique mounting holes allow for easy installation on three faces, ideal for both hinged and sliding door applications.

The Proton R-Type offers protection against manipulation, interference and defeat making them ideal for use in high-risk applications. Mechan’s coding technology allows for 4 billion possible codes. Should either part be lost or damaged, the teach-in facility allows for unlimited re-teaching.

SafeLine 4 grabwire: The stainless steel Safeline 4 cable/push button operated system can be installed along or around awkward machinery such as conveyors and provide constant emergency stop access. This switch is made from 316 stainless steel and is suitable for external use, applications where there are hygiene requirements and other situations where a level of corrosion proof is required.

The Safeline 4 offers a number of key features in one unit:

  1. The positive mode mechanism helps ensure that the contacts are immediately latched open on actuation and can only be reset by the intentional action of turning the blue reset knob. The design also protects against nuisance tripping and the effects of thermal expansion.
  2. A mushroom head emergency stop button is included on the unit to provide E-Stop access.
  3. The cable status indicators make the system easy to set up and maintain for spans up to 100 metres.
  4. Four sets of contacts are provided: 2 NC + 2 NO and 3NC + 1NO
  5. Sealed to IP66 and IP69K with rugged construction using 316 stainless steel to withstand harsh conditions.
  6. Tension indicators windows on both sides of the lid, for ease when tensioning.

Imperium: Mechan Controls’ Imperium control station has up to four interchangeable buttons. The Imperium complies with IEC 60204 safety standards. Key features include:

  • 4 interchangeable buttons (E-Stop, Stop, Start, Reset).
  • Optional button illumination.
  • Coloured caps for button indication.
  • 4 billion code RFID tag.
  • M12 quick disconnect or Pre-wired cable.

The situation and activity of these buttons depend on the functions of the overall plant or machine. The added function of touch and release 4 billion code RFID tag ensures maximum security and safety for the operator.

MK-Safe range: MK-Safe is the easy to configure trapped key interlocking system. It is suitable for various industrial safety applications. The casing of all MK-Safe ranges is 316 stainless steel which is designed and built to withstand the harsh industrial environment. The coding system has 50,000+ different key codes available. The expert coding system can be provided as an option.

There are 4 current variations for the MK-Safe range:

  • MK-Safe Bolt Lock: BL1 single barrel bolt lock is the mechanical interlocking device which extends a bolt to lock at the device or object. For example, BL bolt lock can be used to lock an isolator switch, valves, or circuit breakers the bolt size is 15.88mm in diameter with 16mm of travel. The operating sequence is the bolt is extended to the longest length 22mm when the key is removed from the BL1 unit.
  • MK-Safe Door Lock: DL1 access lock is mounted on the access door of the safeguarding area. It is designed to control access to the protected area. DL1 is the single barrel access lock to suit a tongue-type actuator. DL2 is mounted on the access door of the safeguarding area. It is designed to control access to the protected area. DL2 is the double barrel access lock to suit a tongue-type actuator. DL2 has 2 options, SA type and AA type. DL2-SA type is composed of one safety lock barrel and one access lock barrel. DL2-AA is composed of 2 access lock barrels.
  • MK-Safe Key Box: KEB key exchange box is a mechanical interlock device which is designed to achieve an intermediate key transfer function. One or more keys are inserted in the KEB unit to release one or more keys with different coding. The released keys are then used to unlock either a BL1 or DL1/DL2 or isolator.
  • MK-Safe Isolators: ISO knob-controlled isolator is designed to work for power isolation. Mechan offers different isolators from 20A AC up to 100A AC. The contact arrangement is 3 poles, 4 poles with or without the 1NO 1NC aux contact to suit various applications. ISO1 is the single-lock barrel option. ISO2-ISO5 are the multiple lock barrel option.

Mechan Controls has been at the heart of British manufacturing and innovation since 1972. products.

Proton advanced solenoid interlock
Proton advanced solenoid interlock
SafeLine 4 cable/push button switch
SafeLine 4 cable/push button switch
Imperium control station
Imperium control station
MK-Safe range
MK-Safe range

Mechan Controls Ltd

14/16 Seddon Place
Stanley Industrial Estate

+44 (0)1695 722264

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