Miniature surface-mount reed switch lasts longer

C&K Components is introducing a miniature surface-mount reed switch designed for a long operating life and ease of use. Designated the RS series, the miniature reed switch has a quoted electrical life of one million cycles.

David Webber, director of product management for C&K Components, comments: "The RS series switch features a magnetic reed sensor with an omnipolar magnetic orientation, allowing it to be operated with either pole of a magnet. Due to this versatility and the miniature size of the device, the switch is being implemented in a wide range of detection applications, and is particularly ideal for those where space is at a premium."

Featuring a footprint of 6.5 x 2.3mm, the 5mm magnetic reed switch sits only 2.3mm off the PC board. It can be top- or side-actuated for increased flexibility.

The RS series switch is suitable for a variety of applications, including industrial sensing, factory automation equipment, limit sensing, security systems, and fan and motor controllers, as well as simple detection applications such as enclosure latches.

Available with either gullwing or J-lead terminations, the RoHS-compliant detect switches can be supplied on tape-and-reel packaging for use in pick-and-place machines.


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