Mitsubishi D700 inverters replace S500 & E500 series

Mitsubishi's latest 700 series drives are being launched in the UK, with the company claiming that the drives offer a new standard of inverter price and performance in a micro package - indeed, some models are 60 per cent smaller than the equivalent predecessors. The new D700 is suitable for a wide range of drive applications from simple fan and pump loads through to high-torque mechanical processes.

The 700 series drives are designed for simple installation and set-up, thereby minimising the costs normally associated with drive installations. The new D700 extends this even further with features such as compact design, password protection and fast-fit, high-integrity terminals. It also includes a built-in safety stop input for secure shutdown of the inverter in compliance with relevant standards. Furthermore, the energy-saving performance and reliability of the drive have been designed for the next generation of automation. Despite this high specification, the D700 has been designed as a simple replacement for what Mitsubishi says are the world's best-selling drives, namely the Mitsubishi S500 and E500 inverters.

For example, the power range extends from 0.1kW to 2.2kW for single-phase and 0.4kW to 7.5kW for three-phase operation. This will extend to 15kW over the coming months. The drive can be set to operate in the S500 V/F mode as well as the high-performance E500 flux vector mode. D700 inverters are therefore equally suitable for applications traditionally to be considered either 'high torque' or 'high efficiency.'

Parameters from existing Mitsubishi drive ranges can also be transferred directly to the new D700, together with existing cabling connections. This makes the D700 fully compatible with the previous generation inverters while adding performance and features required for today's automation market. The D700 range's compact size, along with the variety of features, versatility and simplicity of set-up, make the inverters a logical upgrade choice for motor applications.

Micro automation

As well as being compatible with their predecessors, the new D700 inverters are also compatible with other 'micro' products from Mitsubishi, such as the FX3UC programmable logic controller (PLC) and the GT1020 operator interface. Together, these products offer compact yet powerful 'micro automation' for applications where space is at a premium. And note that Mitsubishi's Graphic Operator Terminals connect directly to the communications port. These units can be fully customised, giving complete graphic-based, multi-colour, touchscreen monitoring and control. This is a significant improvement over the keypads normally encountered on drives, and far more user-friendly.

The design team had a number of goals when bringing the D700 to market. One of the main challenges today is energy reduction, and Mitsubishi has added intelligent threshold control for situations where the drive is running with no operational output - such as a pump running at minimum speed with no real flow requirement, or a conveyor that is running unloaded for a period of time. For such applications the D700 can stop the motor and be ready to return to speed using a fast algorithm to negate any demand dwell.

Mitsubishi has also added a drive safety stop that stops and safely removes the power from the output. The drive can use an input from a safety-related control system, thereby eliminating the need for separate contactors to break the mains connection in the event of an emergency.

Guy Kennett, Inverter Product Manager at Mitsubishi, states: "I am very excited to introduce the D700 series inverters to the UK market. Having been involved over the years in previous generation micro drives, this is by far the most significant. Combining the micro size of the S500 range, the energy savings of the F700s, and the rugged driving performance of the E500s, I have to say I am genuinely impressed with this new drive.

"The D700 is loaded with powerful neat macros and, unlike many other entry-level micro drives, it can truly claim to be multi-functional, in the same way that a Leatherman, rather than a Swiss Army Knife, is the true multi-tool. Of course, it is not just a superb product, but we also have a very experienced specialist team to support drives applications. Please feel free to contact me or our drives team; we are all here to help."

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