mk 50 series profile used to develop a lift system

The new mk Lift System has a base frame made with 50 series and can be utilised to help streamline manufacturing processes. The lift unit with a slewing ring and timing belt conveyor SRF-P 2010 has a capacity of 300kg. A counter weight and motor including holding brake can secure a load of up to 600kg. Additional pegs are incorporated at transfer stations. Feed-in and storage area with reinforced SRF-P 2012 cater for a load of 300kg/m and up to 1200kg total capacity, during 3m/min.

The entire system is provided by mk who work closely with their customer during the consultation, planning and implementation stage of the system. Their concept offers both space and cost saving to a customers' manufacturing process and the lift can be easily disassembled for transportation purposes. The high load capacity is based on mk's extensive 50 series profile range and is both low maintenance and wear resistant.

In one application, the requirement was to link a manufacturing process during which a machine that is integrated downstream, functions at a slower speed but operates longer, a transfer system is required using a buffer zone for 40 pallets arranged in five levels and capable of transporting a total load of 10 tons. The lifting system must be designed for the transfer of products weighing 250kg per pallet (600 × 800mm). The pallet must be rotated 90 degrees and discharged onto the respective buffer level.

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