Mönninghoff electromagnetic tooth clutches in the UK

Techdrives is now supplying Mönninghoff electromagnetic tooth clutches. These feature precision-machined teeth that can be specified to achieve different functions and levels of performance. Standard teeth are optimised for high torque transmission but many alternatives are possible - for example, torque-limiting, single-position synchronisation and single-direction operation. Clutches and brakes can be manufactured with customised teeth to achieve application-specific performance.

Electromagnetic tooth clutches transmit torque without slipping. Standard designs are engaged by application of a DC voltage, usually 24V. The transmitted torque and the permissible engagement speed depends on the design of the engagement teeth. Mönninghoff uses tooth rings with one made from hardened bronze; this prevents magnetic flux from passing through the teeth and improves the engagement and wear characteristics. Both stationary field and slip ring designs are available - the most popular and adaptable version has a bearing-mounted stationary field coil and torque ratings from 20-2200Nm. Generally the clutch is engaged at standstill or low speeds, but this depends on the tooth design and stiffness of the system.

Standard clutches use 200 to 300 small symmetrical teeth that are economical to manufacture and give easy engagement. By adjusting the tooth angle to make them more shallow, clutches can release at a pre-defined torque. As the teeth are thrown apart under the torque load, such clutches can be used as torque limiters that are very fast-acting and sensitive.

Synchronisation options

The tooth pattern can also be made asymmetrical so that the relationship between the input and output is synchronised, with only one engagement position per revolution; further variants can engage at two, four or more positions. Changing from standard to saw-shaped teeth allows higher engagement speeds but in a single direction (torque transmission in the reverse direction is minimal).

Moenninghoff tooth clutches and brakes are used in areas such as printing, bookbinding, barrier doors and test machinery. Beyond the tooth form, other options include clutch couplings, spring-applied clutches, pneumatic actuation and zero-backlash models. Technical advice is available through Techdrives.

Follow the link for more information about Mönninghoff electromagnetic tooth clutches.

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