Modular conveyors suit modern manufacturing

Due to the rapid changing needs of production and the ever decreasing life span of final products, most production systems need to be adaptable and flexible. For this reason, when selecting a transfer and conveyor system within a production line, more engineers are choosing flexible systems over a fixed 'application-specific solution'.

With the MayTec conveyor system product line-up, customers are able to 'design' an adaptable system, ensuring that the production requirements of today can be met, while giving customers the flexibility to make changes to that system and, therefore, also meet the requirements of tomorrow's production needs.

The system benefits include simple handling, reliable technology and solid construction, all aiding the guarantee of problem-free operation and a long life of the system. Options for the belt and drive type, various profile designs and many accessories allow customers to create the systems well matched to the application. Additionally, the huge range and various sizes of the standard product ensure special systems can be configured, allowing the optimum system to be assembled.

With the so many variations and options available, many will see the system design as a daunting task. This is why Applied Automation, the UK distributor for the MayTec product, is in place to take the problem from the customers desk and make the specification process easier. Nigel Williams, Product Manager at Applied Automation, and his team will work with customers and handle the complete application review and design process, guiding them through the particular requirements of each system.

Basic system specification and options include:

  • Belt conveyors:

Available in widths from 30mm to 1200mm and speeds up to 60m/min. In addition, the belt can be run over the framing profile flush with the outside edge (outside running) or between the profiles (inside running).

  • Plastic link chain conveyors:

Offering no limit to belt width, a wider temperature spectrum, and with a speed of travel up to 30m/min.

  • Drive options:

Various drive options, including direct drive, drive under the belt and driven rollers; also, for the plastic link conveyor, a positive geared tooth drive can be employed.

MayTec, through Applied Automation, offers a conveyor system for multiple applications for rapid implementation with short delivery times - and with a service and support team that will make the specification, design and supply as simple as it can get. To learn more about the MayTec product or to request a copy of the new conveyor system catalogue, either visit and register your details or call Applied Automation on +44 (0)1752 343300.

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