Moog M3000 combines servo, motion and PLC control
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Posted to News on 25th Feb 2007, 10:54

Moog M3000 combines servo, motion and PLC control

By combining an advanced servo controller with high-performance axis-control software, the M3000 from Moog Controls offers users the chance to completely revolutionise their control systems.

Moog M3000 combines servo, motion and PLC control

Designed to address the advanced needs of high-performance digital control for hydraulic and electrical products, realistic and tangible benefits of the M3000 include higher machine productivity, better part quality, higher efficiency, lower cycle times and lower installation cost.

Based on IEC standards and exhibiting a modular structure, the M3000 comprises a Moog Servo Controller (MSC) and Moog Axis Control Software (MACS); it also caters for numerous extension modules, which increases its capabilities, functionality and application base even further. Complete systems can be developed thanks to tight integration with other Moog products and devices such as servo valves, servo-proportional valves, servo drives and RKP pumps.

Key features of the M3000 include: advanced digital motion control for closed-loop control of hydraulic and electric products; easy set-up; a 32-bit RISC processor with 32-bit floating-point maths for powerful, fast and accurate control; and multiple software-configurable interfaces to cater for SSI, encoder, CANopen, RS232, Ethernet, Profibus and analogue/digital outputs.

Built-in PLC

The MSC is a freely programmable, high-performance servo controller with built-in PLC functionality, capable of handling complex multi-axis functions – and enabling cycle times as fast as 500us. The software element, MACS, is an IEC61131-3 compliant programming language based on the CoDeSys universal standard. It provides full programming, debugging, simulation, parameterisation, visualisation and tracing capabilities.

Extensive function blocks enable easy implementation of closed-loop applications and various analogue (QAIO) and digital (QDIO) modules are offered for the extension of the local I/O. CAN extension modules (QCAN) are also available, as are remote modules including an I/O Remote Extension (RDIO), an eight-channel temperature Controller (RTEMP8) and colour touchscreen HMIs (RDISP).

The combination of all of these features is claimed to help set new benchmarks for the control of motion systems. Modern industry is demanding faster, more reliable, more accurate and easier-to-use equipment, and the M3000 from Moog offers exactly that.

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