Motion Perfect v3 software now available

Trio Motion Technology is launching its Motion Perfect v3 software, bringing an enhanced and more productive user experience for application development, configuration and connectivity across the MC4 Motion Coordinator range of multi-axis motion and machine controllers.

The new software harnesses the powerful features of Microsoft's .NET and WPF technologies to provide an intuitive and coherent Windows environment for programming, diagnostics and commissioning, with distinctive improvements that include detailed tree views for controller and project information display, tabbed layouts for simplified programming and file arrangement, and window docking for improved desktop presentation - these features combine for improved programming flexibility, efficiency gains and better information access for the user.

Central to Motion Perfect v3 is the Motion Perfect Projects concept that works in conjunction with the Synchronous programming mode and the Project Manager tool. All programs associated with a project are automatically copied between the Motion Coordinator and the host PC's disk file during editing. This feature is especially useful where the multitasking capabilities of the Motion Coordinator will often mean working with multiple files and their associated data. Working across TrioBASIC and IEC61131-3 programs in a single named project, there is no need to copy, save or load files once a project has been created. Project Manager also verifies that the contents of the controller match the project file on disk and multiple backup files are stored in a sub folder - allowing the programmer to retrieve and revert to any previous version.

Motion Perfect v3 provides support for multiple controllers using a "˜Motion Solution' which allows the user to specify controllers and their associated projects, and facilitates simultaneous connection to more than one controller. Further features include a new TrioBASIC editor with a tabbed layout and improved editing tools that include a Windows clipboard compatible Cut, Copy and Paste facility, line bookmarking, enhanced breakpoint handling and auto formatting. A built-in scope-checking facility and a live-view mode allow users to quickly and effectively write and evaluate programs, with the ability to edit multiple programs simultaneously. An offline editing function with the new MC400 simulator software is also available.

The software also includes an IEC61131-3 program editor for Structured Text, Function Block, Sequential Function Chart and Ladder formats with offline program creation away from the target motion controller. Other features include the ability to view and debug information whilst in run mode, edit multiple programs simultaneously, and run IEC and BASIC programs at the same time.

Mouse click moves for simplified manual control

Further useful information and control enhancements have been introduced: an Axis Jog screen provides simplified manual control with mouse click moves, user-defined axes and hardware jog input setting. The Digital I/O status window automatically displays all controller and expanded system I/O with mouse click configuration and naming, with all set-up information saved in the project file. The .NET and WPF technology development has also allowed enhanced axis parameter display and improved data viewers. Users may now choose specific parameter group information to be viewed, and updated VR and Table viewers can now display non-contiguous data ranges.

As well as the project-oriented Synchronous connection mode with combined controller and disk saving, Motion Perfect v3 also has a Direct-based mode where commands from the built-in terminal are directed only to the Motion Coordinator without host file synchronisation. A new Tool mode is also available where most of the tools are available and programs on the controller can be started and stopped, but not edited.

Motion Perfect v3 is also compatible with Trio's CAD2Motion software that translates CAD-generated 2D motion paths into TrioBASIC programs. Other support software available includes CamGen for matching the most commonly used CAM shapes for electronic gearbox applications, and Trio PC Motion which uses ActiveX to provide a direct connection to Motion Coordinators for programming language support for Visual Basic, Visual C++, etc.

Trio Motion's MC4 line of motion and machine controllers are their most advanced Motion Coordinators. The range covers the MC403 and MC405 for smaller automated machine setups with 2-servo/3-stepper and 4-servo/5-stepper capability, and the expandable and modular MC464 series for up to 64 axes of synchronised motion with 125usec servo cycle times.

With a choice of TrioBASIC or IEC61131-3 programming, the range includes a wide selection of Fieldbus protocol options, absolute and incremental feedback options, expandable CANbus I/O and many other features for advanced automation control. For more information about the new Motion Perfect v3 software, visit the website at

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