Multifunctional Gate Box performs multiple safety functions

Euchner has developed a new concept in safety engineering that combines several elements of its equipment range into a single multi-featured safety device. Called the MGB (Multifunctional Gate Box) system, it incorporates a safety switch, bolt and door-locking mechanism into a cohesive package suitable for machine builders, safety engineers and process system designers.

The MGB combines the door handle with integrated guard lock monitoring, with even the simplest device variation providing all the necessary requirements to protect a machine guard or safety door in accordance with EN ISO 13849-1 (Performance Level e) and EN 1088.

Influenced by monitoring end user feedback of the Euchner safety equipment programme, the MGB development has been tempered with the introduction of increasingly complex regulations surrounding the safety aspects of equipment, machines, processes and working practices. The manufacturers have endeavoured to produce a future-proof door safety device with a modular construction, which provides a high level of multi-tasking capabilities to comply with the most stringent safety requirements.

Available both with and without guard locking, the evaluation module forms the core of the modular system. This module is also available for operation as a small operator panel when fitted with integrated pushbutton controls and indicator LEDs to provide 'enable' and 'operating mode' selections. Emergency stop and other key switch operations can also be provided. A handle module can be supplied with an optional escape release for compliance with the Machinery Directive regarding "risk of being trapped in a machine," covering operating and service personnel working within a safety enclosure.

To meet safety requirements, the modular construction ensures excellent flexibility. Bespoke products are achieved simply by selecting appropriate modules, with comprehensive and structured diagnostic features also available for machine control via monitoring outputs. The modular construction also ensures that tampering or bypassing the designed safety system is virtually impossible. The evaluation and handle modules are connected using RFID components (transponder), with each module permanently allocated to each other by teach-in operation. If a module is replaced, a new teach-in procedure is required before the MGB device can be operated again.

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