Multipurpose drives offer exceptional versatility and quality

Fuji Electric is launching the FRENIC-Ace and FRENIC-Mini multi-purpose variable-speed drives (VSDs), which are intended for general-purpose applications. They are also suitable for specialist applications such as solar pumping, heavy-duty cranes and hoists, conveyors and HVAC. All of the new AC drives benefit from Fuji quality and internal componentry, plus high performance, versatility and a comprehensive set of safety features - and all at a cost-effective price.

The FRENIC-Ace (FRN-E2) is described as an exceptional drive that has been optimally designed to offer the highest levels of performance in a small package, while being rugged enough for use in many different environments. The drive has customisable logic (with a maximum of 200 function blocks) and offers a wide variety of functions to ensure it can be tuned to offer the best performance match for each individual application. It can operate at a number of output capacities from 01.kW to 315kW with the capability to deliver 150 per cent for one minute or 200 per cent for half a second, or 120 per cent for one minute in a quadruple rating selection. A range of motor control options are also on offer, such as variable-frequency control with slip compensation, dynamic torque vector control (open-loop), closed-loop vector control and PMS motor sensorless control.

The FRENIC-Ace drive has CANOpen and Modbus RTU communications built in to enable it to be quickly and easily added to existing networks or to establish full communication with Fuji Electric's HMIs. For safety-critical applications, the drive has STO (Safety Torque Off), is compliant to EN ISO 13849-1, SIL3, cat.3 and meets the highest safety level - Performance Level e (Ple).

Flexible and expandable

Flexibility is a major benefit for the FRENIC-Ace and this is enhanced further by a range of expansion cards to provide fieldbus support, as well as additional functionality. To ensure the drive can be used in almost any industrial network or topology, cards are available to add DeviceNet, CC-Link, RS 485, Profibus-DP, CANopen or Ethernet-based protocols such as Profinet-RT, Modbus-TCP, Ethernet IP and Ethercat protocols. These communications options make it easy for the FRENIC-Ace to be connected to IIoT architectures.

Extra features are also provided through dedicated expansion cards: digital and analogue I/O interface cards for the connection of sensors or other components; 5V and 12/15V Encoder (PG) interface cards for external control; and superior human-mahcine interface options through cards providing a remote multifunction touch panel or a remote touch panel with RJ45. All of these features provide users with a simple and adaptable drive and peace of mind with a three-year warranty as standard and a 10 year life cycle.

The FRENIC-Mini drive (pictured right) is intended to offer the highest level of versatility in a small, tough package with power ratings from 0.1 to 15kW. Designed to be cost-effective and efficient to operate, maintenance-free, and easy to set-up and use, the drive provides high performance with a CPU that is claimed to be the fastest in its class. That performance is combined with a rich feature set, global compatibility, a new high-efficiency control system and an integrated RS-485 port to cover a wide range of applications. The drive is excellent for the efficient control of conveyors, fans, pumps and specialised machinery such as centrifugal separators and food processing machines.

Follow the link for more information about Fuji Electric's range of inverter drives.

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