EOS to highlight e-Manufacturing at EuroMold 2006

29 November 2006

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EOS is showcasing its latest products at EuroMold 2006. The manufacturer of laser sintering systems is focusing on e Manufacturing, the fast, flexible and cost-efficient production of parts directly from electronic data. At booth F70 in hall 8, visitors can experience a completely new range of systems for plastic laser-sintering as well as new materials for Direct Metal Laser-Sintering (DMLS). Highlight of the show for EOS will be the world premiere of FORMIGA P 100, an entirely new system for the production of plastic parts.

Johann Oberhofer, COO of EOS, says: "Every single new product has been developed in order to create a broader acceptance and higher market penetration for e-Manufacturing."

For DMLS, the company puts a strong emphasis on new materials. EOS will launch several new titanium alloys in the coming months along with the material EOS MaragingSteel MS1. The titanium alloys open up applications in the aerospace and medical industries, especially for implants. EOS MaragingSteel MS1, a martensite-hardening steel, offers a significant quality boost – in particular for series tooling. The material is a high-performance 18 maraging 300 steel (type 1.2709) and offers highest strength.

Ralph Mayer, managing partner of LBC GmbH, a pilot customer for the new material, comments: "Due to its toughness and hardness, EOS Maraging Steel MS1 is ideally suited for highly-stressed tooling inserts. The material is at least on a par with or even superior to conventional tool steels.

At its stand, EOS is also presenting the metal materials EOS CobaltChrome MP1 and EOS StainlessSteel 17-4. Both have been successfully launched in 2006. Due to their suitability for e-Manufacturing, they have made an important contribution to the exceptional market success of the DMLS technology.

Also the plastic laser-sintering technology is riding on a wave of innovations. EOS is displaying a brand-new system trio at the fair: the FORMIGA P 100, the EOSINT P 730 and the EOSINT P 390. The FORMIGA P 100 represents laser sintering in the compact class. With a build envelope of 200 mm x 250 mm x 330 mm, the system lends itself to the economic production of small series and personalised products with complex geometries. The EOSINT P 730 is a development of the EOSINT P 700, which is claimed to be the only double-laser system world-wide for plastic laser-sintering.

Florian Pfefferkorn, Product Manager at EOS, states: "With the new machine we set another milestone in terms of productivity. Depending on the part geometry, the system is up to 40 per cent more productive than the P 700."

Last but not least, the EOSINT P 390 offers considerably increased productivity combined with increased surface quality. The product highlights are rounded off by a new version of the process software, PSW 3.3. This introduces a range of new features that further support the use of laser sintering in production.

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