Micromech takes over Unimatic motors, drives and linear motion

09 January 2007

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Unimatic Engineers Ltd has sold its motors, drives and linear division for an undisclosed sum to Micromech Ltd of Braintree so that it can concentrate on its core activities of rapid prototyping and CNC machining.

Micromech is a leading UK supplier of controls, servo/stepping motors and drives as well as associated motion products. The addition of this business will give customers even greater support as well as access to a wider range of products and services.

Established over 25 years ago, Micromech has a wealth of experience in electromechanical products and can specify from single components right through to complex multi-axis systems.

If required, systems can be designed, built and commissioned to customers' specifications, coupled with service and technical back up.

The considerable overlap of products and expertise between Micromech and Unimatic's sold division means customers can expect a seamless transition of business. Furthermore, two of Unimatic's key end highly experienced salesmen, Terry Gibbins and Jim McPhail, will be joining Micromech.

The transition took place over Christmas 2006 and was up and running as of January 2nd 2007.

About Unimatic

Unimatic was founded over 40 years ago to supply industry with motion control and automation products (it is this business that has been sold to Micromech).

In recent years, Unimatic has moved its focus to a product portfolio that it sees as core to the future of design, prototyping and manufacturing in the UK, including the generation of future skills that industry will require.

From now on, Unimatic will be focusing exclusively on the activities of its other two divisions:

Machines Division

  • CNC machine
  • Laser cutting/engraving equipment
  • Rapid prototyping machines
  • Laser scanning systems
  • CAD/CAM software

This combination of products enables UK designers and manufacturers to get their products quickly to market, and manufacture short runs flexibly. Unimatic sells these products to many markets in the industrial arena and also to the education market.

Target markets include medical, dentistry, jewellery and automotive. Customers include such companies as Dyson (which has invested in Unimatic machines both for R&D and in manufacturing).

In education, Unimatic is a major supplier to UK secondary schools of equipment for the Design and Technology curriculum, as well as to various departments in colleges and universities.

Micro-technology Division

  • Piezo-motors
  • Piezo-actuators
  • Piezo-motor driven systems

Unimatic is a leading supplier in the field of micro- and nano-technology, offering a number of products based around the application of the piezo-electric effect to generate high-accuracy movements in micro-electronics and medical devices.

Unimatic is said to be delighted that Micromech is the purchaser of its Automation Division, as Micromech has had many years of experience in this area and will therefore be able to continue to provide Unimatic's customers with the same high level of support and expertise, as well as ensuring product and technological continuity.

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