Huco Dynatork at Hannover Messe 2007

28 February 2007

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Now part of the Altra Industrial Motion Group, Huco Dynatork enjoys a worldwide reputation for the design and manufacture of functional, reliable and quality-assured motion control products. As well as offering what the company claims to be the most comprehensive selection of small precision coupling types in the world, Huco Dynatork also has a range of original designs that remains among the most popular and cost-efficient of the options available. As its new name signifies, Dynatork air motors are also an important part of the company's product range.

New clutch

In addition to its established designs, Huco Dynatork will be introducing the Polyclutch range of friction clutches whose static friction is lower than its dynamic friction. Already successful in the USA, this brings important performance benefits to European customers. For example, when employed in mechanisms handling paper, film, wire or thread, Polyclutch maintains constant tension with no sudden shocks that would damage the product.

This design also ensures smooth and accurate starting and stopping of indexing systems and linear actuators. For protection during overload, Polyclutch provides repeatable cushioned torque, the accuracy of which also makes the component an excellent choice for torque control on capping machines, automatic screw driving and valve control. It additionally works well as part of a friction hinge mechanism.

Polyclutch complements Huco Dynatork's established Vari-Tork torque limiters with the new range meeting the need for higher torques. A wide choice of types, torques and configurations is available to suit a broad variety of applications.

Air motors

The Dynatork air motor will also be featured at Hannover Messe གྷ. Its innovative design provides high torque at low speed, low air pressure, low volume and low noise. This product has already found favour in a broad range of applications throughout Europe.

Seven product groups complete the Dynatork range offering maximum torques from 2-550Nm. The range comprises air motors in aluminium, acetal and cast iron, spur gear motors, worm gear motors, planetary gear motors and electronically controlled pneumatic stepper motors.

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