Schunk moves Gemotec sales to Lauffen

27 February 2007

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Following Schunk's acquisition of Gemotec Montagetechnik GmbH in the summer of 2006, the Gemotec sales department has now moved from Bavaria to the Schunk headquarters in Lauffen, Germany. From the headquarters, the automation business unit will take care of current Gemotec customers.

Steffen Hönlinger, Marketing Manager Automation, comments: "With this transfer, the competence of Schunk and Gemotec will be strengthened and the efficiency of our distribution network will be further increased.

"Customer service and technical support for Gemotec customers are handled by our headquarters now. As a result, the technology areas of both companies will grow stronger together. Our customers will benefit from this new organisation, since there is one central point of contact for all products and services of the Schunk organisation. Customer orders and supplier processes can be handled by one central contact person more efficiently. Moreover, our customers can rely on competent technical consultants on-site. They will give you technical advice on our whole product spectrum and will help you to find a customised solution for your application. This change applies not only for Germany, but also internationally. Considerable advantages will be the result for this concentration of know-how and competence."

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