HepcoMotion linear motion components for packaging machines

21 March 2007

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Applications in packaging machinery demand high reliability with no downtime. HepcoMotion linear motion components remain popular choice due to their inherent strength and long life. One major machine builder in this sector has recently re-specified HepcoMotion having opted for a cheaper alternative then that the slide system failed when the machine jammed. The cost of replacement, downtime and service engineers soon outweighed the initial saving.

Field reports confirm that HepcoMotion linear components are still operating well in tea bag machines and packaging machines after four years' service. The customers involved do not hold spares - they do not need to, as the slide systems are designed to last.

Another important HepcoMotion benefit is full interchangeability between ranges so that the standard GV3 system, for example, can be mixed with components from the SL2 stainless steel range to provide increased corrosion protection. The quality of HepcoMotion systems also allows many of them to be run dry if necessary and still give a long life.

New products at Total Processing & Packaging 2007

Being shown for the first time at TOTAL is the new Dual-Vee anti-friction guidance system. A new track and integrated wheel sizes have been introduced, as have high-temperature, vacuum and clean-room compatible wheels and several new accessories – including wheel covers and lubricator assemblies – designed to extend system life. The range caters for all requirements from light- to heavy-duty, and components can be specified in stainless or carbon steel to suit the application.

The HepcoMotion linear driving packages are proving highly popular in a range of applications and packaging machinery is no exception. Standard units are individually specified to suit customers' applications and are supported by extensive before- and after-sales service. Using elements from the company's standard range of proven products allows rack, ball screw or belt-driven X-Y-Z systems to be constructed.

Further choices include a range of gearboxes and ancillary mechanical components as well as motor/control packages from system partner Smart Drives. The bespoke system can be supplied ready-assembled or in kit form.

UtiliTrak linear guideway

Rarely does a better product cost less than its predecessor but that is the case with the recently introduced UtiliTrak linear guideway system. Improved precision has been achieved by the replacement of the original composite rail with a one-piece carbon steel rail that is both hardened and ground. The economies achieved through its manufacture, however, allow these benefits to be applied to a broad range of machine applications.

SBD sealed belt drive

If the application calls for high loads and demanding duty cycles, the specified assembly could include elements from a new product range recently introduced by HepcoMotion earlier. The SBD sealed belt drive is a high-performing yet cost-competitive product the provides a compact and exceptionally clean linear system and introduces a brand new method of sealing that is considered to be far superior to that of alternative products on the market.

The HepcoMotion flagship GV3 universal linear motion system is also a natural choice for bespoke system specification, as it offers a wide range of sizes, types and precision grades to meet most automation application needs. As a result, an optimum linear system can be specified to suit the performance criteria and budget.

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