Free guide to application of safety interlock systems

25 June 2007

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Free guide to application of safety interlock systemsFortress Interlocks is giving away free copies of its 24-page guide to safety interlocks. Containing a number of full-colour illustrated examples, the booklet demonstrates how and when to use different types of interlocks and integrated machine control elements.

Starting with the basics, the guide explains non-solenoid and solenoid safety gate switches, trapped key interlocks, and the use of engravings on locks and keys.

But most of the space is devoted to example applications for safety interlock and machine control systems. These cover everything from robot cells and conveyors to shot/sand blasters and transfer lines. Most importantly, the guide shows clearly how similar applications can be safeguarded in different ways, depending on the specific requirements in each case.

Copies of the Total Access and Control Application Guide can be requested from Fortress Interlocks, or downloaded directly from the company's website.

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