EOS to exhibit latest laser sintering machines at K 2007

09 August 2007

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EOS to exhibit latest laser sintering machines at K 2007EOS will be exhibiting at the K 2007 show from 24-31 October in Duesseldorf, Germany. The manufacturer of laser sintering systems will display its current e-manufacturing systems at booth 2E23 in hall 2. EOS will showcase two different approaches for the manufacture of series products in plastics: the product line Eosint P creates plastic components directly from CAD data, layer by layer, within a few hours, fully automatically and without tools; the DMLS technology, however, produces series tooling in different metals.

Visitors will see a running Formiga P 100 on the stand. This plastic laser sintering system produces components in various polyamide and polystyrene materials directly from CAD data. The maximum component size is 200 x 250 x 330mm, and the technology is suitable for flexible and tool-less production of small, complex series components. For larger components, EOS offers two further systems, the Eosint P 390 with a build envelope of 340 x 340 x 620mm, as well as the Eosint P 730, offering a build envelope of 700 x 380 x 580mm.

As well as seeing the Formiga P 100 in action, visitors to the EOS stand will also see recent applications in the automotive and aerospace industry. On the materials side, the company will display a new flexible material as well as a new high-impact-strength polyamide material. Also new are different materials in black and grey.

Tooling inserts

Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS) offers another way to manufacture plastic products. DMLS is a flexible and established technology for series injection moulding tooling, as well as other plastics processing technologies such as extrusion or blow moulding. EOS has sold 36 DMLS systems in the last twelve months. In total, more than 150 machines are installed world-wide. Approximately 50 per cent of them are used for tooling applications. Among these toolmakers are service providers such as CRDM, Dencker, EcoParts, FIT, LBC and QuickTools, but also well-known end users such as Bosch, Hella and Procter & Gamble.

The success of DMLS is also confirmed by several repeat orders, such as that from FIT. Charly Fruth, managing director, comments: "We have already manufactured more than 2000 tools with the DMLS technology. For us, the advantages are mainly the short lead times and - as a consequence - the ability to react fast and flexibly to product changes."

An Eosint M 270, the latest DMLS system, will produce tool inserts in EOS MaragingSteel MS1 live at the show. The material is a martensitic-hardening, high-performance 18 maraging 300 tool steel (type 1.2709). It offers a tensile strength of 1950MPa and a hardness of up to 54 HRC after age hardening.


The products and systems shown at the booth are complemented by three co-exhibitors: Materialise is claimed to be the worldwide largest service provider for RP & RM (rapid prototyping and rapid manufacturing), and has specialised in personal fabrication. The company is exhibiting a part of its .MGX collection. The designer lamps are produced with plastic laser sintering; the table lamp 'Chaos.MGX', for example, offers a very complex shade design in polyamide, which would have been impossible to manufacture with traditional technologies.

LBC will showcase different DMLS tooling inserts in EOS MaragingSteel MS1 and DirectMetal 20, as well as injection moulded parts. The DMLS components show complex inner structures such as conformal cooling channels.

FIT, the third co-exhibitor, will present directly manufactured plastic products as well as tooling inserts with integrated tempering. The tempering is achieved exclusively by the usage of new grid structures.

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